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the winner.

Obviously this is late because, hello, its how I do everything… but we have a winner of the 585 Boutique giveaway! I used and it generated comment #4. Kayla C! Kayla, you will get an email from Sarah soon! — Today we had a birthday party for Ryder and had so much fun. I… Read More the winner.


a Friday post.

This has been quite a long week and I have found myself unable to write any sort of blog all week. I have so many things floating around in my head but have no idea where to even begin to put them down coherently. We’ve had a good week though. Rory started a new Mother’s… Read More a Friday post.

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hello, again!

Why, hello! Its been a while since I’ve updated the ol’ blog, but we have been out of town and crazy busy! ┬áRory’s school year ended! She had a great year and learned so much. They had an end of the year program and she sang her little heart out. It was SO CUTE. Here’s… Read More hello, again!


cousin fun

Well our weekend was wonderful. It was crazy, insane, and loud, but so much fun! My parents now have eight grandkids, so you can imagine how crazy it gets with just that. Then you throw in another “kid”, Jessi, and eleven adults it makes for a housefull of fun! Rory’s birthday party was fun and… Read More cousin fun