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the new adventure

Well, folks, we’ve started a new adventure around here. Cloth diapering. Now, before you get all weirded out with me and stop reading, let me explain! I decided to do this for two reasons: 1) to save money. Ryder’s formula is really expensive and there is just nothing I can do about that. But there… Read More the new adventure

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For quite sometime our house has been just utter chaos. This is not news to any of you that read this here blog. Between all the craziness because of Ryder’s situation and bad habits that were created (by us mostly) before Ryder came along, its been NUTS. I feel like everything since Ryder has been… Read More chaos

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more sneaks

Here are a few sneak peaks from take #2 of Ryder’s 3 month photo session. It definitely went better than the first time, but was still stressful. I can’t wait to see the rest! I’ll say it again, Jennifer is an amazing friend and the best, most patient photographer EVER. She is a saint, I… Read More more sneaks