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the new adventure

Well, folks, we’ve started a new adventure around here.

Cloth diapering.

Now, before you get all weirded out with me and stop reading, let me explain!

I decided to do this for two reasons:

1) to save money. Ryder’s formula is really expensive and there is just nothing I can do about that. But there is something I can do to knock off expenses elsewhere, which is changing to cloth.

2) Ryder’s skin is so sensitive. Its so bad that, if I’m touching her bare skin with my bare skin, she breaks out into hives. So, she has a permanent redness/rash where the diaper touches her. And since changing to cloth three days ago, the rash is GONE. Amazing!

So far I am really, really liking it. Its not nearly as hard as I expected and I have stocked up enough diapers, thanks to my friend, Amber,who gave me an awesome deal on hers and buying some on sale, that I don’t have to wash constantly. I’ve had one “bad” diaper and it was the first time Ryder has EVER had a big one in her life and even that wasn’t so bad. (That’s a true testament to how motherhood changes you completely.)

The biggest plus? Ryder looks ADORABLE in them!

I mean, could that booty be any cuter?!

Also, how did we end up with a child with fair skin, bright blue eyes, and blonde/strawberry blonde hair??? (Andy calls her his litle albino child, ha!)

I love it.

So stay tuned! I will be writing more about this as I learn all the tricks to making it easier! And a big thanks to my friends Erin and Rachel for giving me a ton of advice to help ease me into this new adventure!

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend!

We started the party on Friday night by going to see Santa. We talked Santa up the whole way there, telling Rory he was our friend and that he brought presents, etc.  She was SO EXCITED to see “Claus” as she calls him.

And then we got there and she had a little freak out and said, repeatedly, “oh no Claus! oooohhhh no Claus!” and clung to me with all her might. It was hysterical.

Ryder sat in his lap like a big girl and pulled his beard as hard as she could the entire time.

So all in all- completely successful, no?

And then Christmas came!

It all started at 2:oo AM when Rory came into our room saying “a Claus? a Claus?” and I said “oh no missy- Claus hasn’t been here yet!”.

So then at 5:45 she woke up and was ready to go. We went into the living room and opened all the wrapped gifts and then we showed her the new playroom and her big presents.

The “before” pictures of all the presents.

The kitchen we made Rory. I will do a whole blog post about this one sometime this week!

And the opening of presents/after pictures. She didn’t stop for even a second the entire morning. It was wonderful seeing how excited she was all day long! She cooked up about 9823 cheeseburgers and served a whole ton of tea!

and of course, we learned how to climb into the kitchen and hide really quick!

And then about an hour after Rory woke up, Ryder decided to wake up and see what Santa had brought her as well! She was EXCITED! Of course, Rory had to help open the gifts.

I tried, in vain of course, to get their picture together in their pjs on Christmas morning….

And then Ryder almost jumped out of the bumbo trying to get to her dog!

We went to church and it was a wonderful service. I’m so glad we went! Ryder wore the dress her Aunt Telena got her for Christmas! (again, the tongue is always out these days!)

After church, we ate a huge lunch- ham, potatoes, pasta salad, corn, and cornbread. (Too bad we skipped out on carbs this year- HA!) Then we all took a long nap and it was so nice. Afterwards, Rory woke up and played so hard until she crashed at about 8.

This was the end of the day. She told me she “cean up kitchen mommy”… ???

Its been a wonderful, quiet Christmas! Hope yours was wonderful too!

they’re mocking me.

So, once again, I embarked on the impossible- getting Rory and Ryder’s picture together in their Christmas outfits.

I want y’all to know that these kids are about to drive me to drink.

If you go to church with me, ignore the previous comment.

Now it seems that the girls are conspiring against me in this whole picture taking nonsense.

I mean, now they’re just mocking me.

Seriously though. This was not planned. I did not tell them to do this. I have no idea how I managed to get this picture.

But it captures their personalities perfectly.

The little butts.

Again… I say that with all the love in my heart.

I did manage to get a couple of cute, non-sticking-out-their-tongues-at-me pictures though.

Rory insisted on “hold sisser hand” in every picture.

Which is simply adorable, if I do say so myself.

Rory also talked and sang the whole time.

I tried to get pictures of Ryder by herself because she has my niece’s dress on, but this is the only one I got and it came out in this weird color…. and honestly, who has time to fix it?

So there you have it. I’d call that a successful photo session adventure. And no tears were shed! Amazing!

I’m trying to plan as many playdates as possible in the next two weeks because Rory doesn’t have MDO and will get so bored if we stay home all week.

And no one wants to see what happens when Rory gets bored.

Plus, my playdates with my fabulous friends in Paris always consist of a lot of coffee and awesome girl time. Who doesn’t love that?!

Ok! Happy Christmas Week!

behavioral problem

We’ve been having some issues with Ryder’s feedings lately. What’s new, right?!


Her acid reflux hit a whole new level recently and I think she has a milk intolerance. When she eats most of the time she acts like she’s eating fire (stole that phrase from Hannah). She screams to eat and then screams when she eats. So I took her into the doc (because we couldn’t possibly go a whole week without seeing him…) and he said he didn’t see anything more than just mild acid reflux.

And he said that it seems to be a “behavioral problem” with Ryder. She’s pitching fits and acting like she’s in pain when she’s not, basically.

She’s 4 months old? I’m confused? Does it start that early? Am I dumb or does that sound off? Can I hit him in the face a little?


I decided that it won’t hurt anything to switch to the lactose free formula to see if it helps. I will keep you posted.

But really. A behavioral problem.

My kids would NEVER have behavioral problems.

I guess I should explain the above pictures.

You see, Rory and Ryder were being so cute yesterday morning watching Sesame Street together.

(Interruption: Yes, Rory ate a marker/drew all over herself with a marker. Does this surprise anyone?!)

(Interruption two: how hilarious are their faces in this picture)

So, naturally, I decided to try and get some pictures of them in their matching outfits.

I should have abandoned the mission when neither of them would wear the vest that goes with the outfit.

But I am a) dumb and b) a glutton for punishment.

Rory was not interested in any part of the photo taking process.

Can you tell?

I have approximately 9929 pictures like the above. (Ryder continues to smile though. She is my favorite child at this point of the process. ha!)

So I promise “special treats” and bribe the mess out of Rory and the child could care less. Rory is smarter than me sometimes.

But in the end I got one cute-ish picture.

Rory insisted I take pictures of the babies and Ryder. She was so ticked off about this whole ordeal that she had a permanent scowl until I stopped trying to get her in the picture.

I want you to know that Rory took the following picture. Like for real, she took it by herself.

I wish I could go back to the day that Rory loved having her picture taken.

But since I can’t, I will just take Ryder’s picture as much as possible until she outgrows her love for the camera too.

Oh that precious smile.

So say a little prayer that we get things figured out with Ryder so she’ll start eating well again.

Happy Thursday!

parties, excersaucers, and playdates

We have had a very busy week/weekend last week. My mom (Hi Mom!) texted me today and said “ok I’ve looked three times now and no new post”, so I guess that means I have fallen behind! ha!

I just started selling Thirty-One gifts so I’ve been a little consumed with setting up parties, throwing parties, and then the orders and such after the parties. I had two parties, one Thursday night and one Friday night, and they were both great! I’m excited to host another 3 so far this month! Plus I’m doing the trade show in Cooper, TX this Saturday. So, I’ve been busy.

Anyways! On Saturday we decided to get Rory’s old excersaucer (is this what its called?) out of the attic. Because Ryder wasn’t able to be picked up under the armpits she has zero leg strength and is having to learn to push on her legs. So we thought we’d try it out! Poor thing is so tiny though it just didn’t quite work.

She did enjoy being able to see the TV though! ha!

But Rory thought it was awesome and has played nonstop in it since we brought it out. Yesterday while getting ready for church, I stuck Ryder in the excersaucer to finish getting ready. When I came back through living room, Rory had gotten in with her and stuffed herself behind Ryder. Hello heart attack! So we got the walker down that Rory HATED when it was age appropriate and she’s had fun in it. Whatever works.

Oh, and BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE: Rory is sleeping. And I mean, SLEEPING. She goes to bed between 7:00-7:30 and gets up 6 or later. Its been AMAZING. She absolutely loves her toddler bed. She’s such a big girl!

This morning I met my friend Caroline to have a playdate with two of her boys, Thomas and Jude. Rory loves them both so much. Every time we go to church she says, “Thomas Jude be nice” because I tell her to be nice to her friends. Ha! Jude and Rory are SO MUCH alike (meaning, both little stinkers!). They were super cute today holding hands.

Have a great week!



Halloween 2011

Its a couple of days late, but wanted to post about our Halloween!

I’ve been so excited for this Halloween because I knew Rory would get to participate for the first time. And let me tell you, she LOVED it.

We started off by painting pumpkins at home! Rory had a blast. She cracked me up watching what Andy was doing and mimicking him. They are so much alike it is scary!

Girlfriend is a HAM.

Ryder was cute and happy painting pumpkins too! And if you can’t tell- she makes the funniest faces and LOVES to blow bubbles and “talk” now.

“Really, Mom, thats enough.”

On Saturday night we went out our church’s Fall Festival! Rory had an absolute blast.

We dressed the girls as the Princess and the Pea. It was a big hit!

These pictures are so funny because Ryder is all happy and snuggled up and Rory absolutely refused to look at camera or sister.

Rory loved getting to do all the games and activities. I can’t believe how big she is!

our little Halloween family

Squirt (Ryder’s new nickname) slept the whole time.

And one of Rory’s friends was there- Grady! She is so funny with him. She acts like he’s a baby like Ryder and loves to hug and kiss on him. Grady DOES NOT appreciate it most of the time. HAHA!

On Monday night I took the girls Trick or Treating downtown. It was so neat. A lot of the shops sat outside and gave out candy. This is yet another reason why I really love Paris.

I was able to get the girls’ pictures taken in their outfits. I am in love with these pictures.

And here’s a little Stinker update(s) for you:

1) I put Ryder on her playmat so I could get ready to go somewhere. I passed through living room and she was in a different position on her mat and had moved quite a bit. I thought this was odd but we were running late so I went about my business. I come back through the living room to find Rory dragging Ryder across the living room by her feet and both girls were belly laughing out of sheer delight. Oh. Dear.

2) Ryder has now tasted fruit loops, a pretzel, juice, and a Hershey bar. Don’t ask.

3) Ryder has also had her teeth brushed.Thank the Lord it was with a new toothbrush.

4) Rory was playing with playdoh and Ryder was asleep in her crib. Well Ryder woke up so I went to get her and came back to Rory and no playdoh. I’m 99.9999% sure she ate it. This is my life.

These girls are getting to be more fun by the day. They are interacting so much and Rory is loving that “sister” talks back to her now.

And by the looks of these faces, I think I am going to be in big trouble soon.


For quite sometime our house has been just utter chaos. This is not news to any of you that read this here blog. Between all the craziness because of Ryder’s situation and bad habits that were created (by us mostly) before Ryder came along, its been NUTS. I feel like everything since Ryder has been born has been completely out of control.

Especially sleep.

Rory’s sleep issues started a really long time ago. Actually, it was about this time last year. And honestly she’s probably slept through the night three or so times since then. Its been… well, exhausting.

So this week we decided to take control, finally. First, we took down her baby bed because she HATED it. This has been key to our success! She loves her toddler bed so much! The other new thing is we are doing a set bedtime routine and time. And it sounds extremely early, but it has worked wonderfully- 7:00! The first night I was so worried she’d wake up at 4 ready to go because this is not abnormal for her anyways, but she has slept past six every day this week! HALLELUJAH!

The first night was awful and she screamed for hours even when I tried to lay in that tiny bed with her.The next night was much better and last night was awesome. She stays in her bed great and all I have to do is go in her room, tuck her in real snug, and sit next to the bed for maybe 5 minutes.

I feel like a new woman!

Yesterday I went and got Rory some Halloween cookies. They have a ton of icing on top and it was hilarious watching her for literally 20 minutes just look at it and touch it before eating any.



She’s always telling the dogs to “shh!”.

Then she realized she could paint with the icing.

This made her very, very happy.

Dang. That’s one cute kid.

So is this one:

And when you put them together its almost too much cuteness to handle!

Apparently my kids prefer to be pant-less….???

Speaking of cute, how precious is this picture of Andy and Rory?!!!

Ok! Happy Halloween Weekend!

more sneaks

Here are a few sneak peaks from take #2 of Ryder’s 3 month photo session. It definitely went better than the first time, but was still stressful. I can’t wait to see the rest! I’ll say it again, Jennifer is an amazing friend and the best, most patient photographer EVER. She is a saint, I tell ya!

And I really don’t have anything to add other than that. We are currently trying to get Rory to sleep. Here’s the story: During those months of non-stop ear infections she stopped sleeping through the night. After tubes, she slept for a few weeks really good. Then the baby came and all that came with that rocked her world and she started waking up again. In attempt to just do whatever to get sleep during those times we threw her in the bed with us. Now she isn’t even sleeping well in the bed with us- she constantly wakes up wanting to talk and to say “shh, daddy, shhhh!” because of his snoring. No one is sleeping now (except my little tootie Ryder who is a much better sleeper than Rory already). So now we are “sleep training” and its hell on earth but we are making progress. Last night she never got out of her toddler bed and that is definitely progress even if I tried to cram my big ol’ butt in there with her to help her go back to sleep for 3 hours.


So if you see me, I most definitely have bags under my eyes and have a tired look. You don’t have to tell me that I look like death because I already know.


Zombie Mommie


weekend recap

A while ago I had told Andy that if he ever wanted to do something extremely romantic, all he had to do was book me a night at a hotel so I could sleep all night and sleep in.

Well, folks. He did it! Friday night he booked me a room at a hotel and it was WONDERFUL! I went to a birthday dinner with friends and then went to the hotel and slept all night and slept in until nine. Bliss. He knows the way to my heart!

And bless his heart… he had a rough night. This is what he looked like that afternoon:

The whole weekend was fantastic. Andy had Friday off (and I wish he did a segment on this blog to tell you how his hunting trip went on Friday morning… lets just say HILARIOUS!) and it was great to have a long weekend together.

Saturday was the local Festival of Pumpkins and I was so excited to take Rory this year. She had a blast too!

The first thing we saw walking up was the dogs from the local humane society. Y’all. This girl LOVES her some dogs. She would see a dog and yell and kick until she got to pet it. She met the sweetest blue tick hound you’ve ever seen. And he was so handsome. His name was Blue. I wanted him and so did Rory. (I had a dog named Blue once too. There is a song about him- ask my dad.)

After that we went to ride the ponies. And oh my word. I’ve never seen so much joy come out of Rory. She giggled the entire time. If I hadn’t of been holding onto her she would have giggled right off that pony!

That night I invited my friend, Julie, over for supper since her husband was out of town. Grady and Rory are friends and I knew Rory would love to play with him.

We were your average heathens on Sunday and skipped church. We didn’t leave the house the entire day and stayed in our PJs. It was wonderful. Church has been so stressful because we have to take Ryder in with us so we decided to just stay home since next week we can (hopefully!) leave her in the nursery.

This morning was rather rough. Rory didn’t sleep good and so she was GRUMPY. She fell asleep at 7 and took a little nap and thankfully woke up happy. I brought Ryder (aka Sister) into Rory’s room so we could play and Rory thought it was AWESOME. She showed Sister all her toys and it was so cute watching Ryder’s expressions as she watched Rory.

This moment made me tear up a bit. Rory went and got her play stethoscope and listened to Ryder’s heart. I told Rory that Ryder had a special heart and she kept saying, “Sister special”. So sweet.

Rory sat her dog that sings up and then sat by Sister to watch. So funny!

And seriously… how cute is this picture?!

Then I got a few pictures of Rory laughing because Sister burped. ha!

Its the small things.

And if you haven’t noticed… Ryder is just your regular old chubster! I told Andy her new nickname is Ms. Piggy. She is all of a sudden eating. Her normal bottle now is 4 oz in 15 minutes. Today she ate 4 oz and was still hungry. She ended up eating 6 oz in 30 minutes! And she’s not spitting any up! Such a miracle!

Have a great week!

Ryder’s giggle party

I can honestly say that this has been the best week we have ever had with both girls. It has been just normal. The week has been exactly what I expected it to be when pregnant and anticipating a second child.

Ryder is almost four months old and this week is the first time I’ve gotten to experience that. Oh how thankful I am!

All of a sudden Ryder has turned a corner. She is EATING. And I mean seriously eating. I can’t get enough food in her! On Tuesday she started this marathon eating and it hasn’t stopped.

TODAY SHE TOOK 4 OUNCES IN 20 MINUTES!!! This is the first four ounce bottle of her life. She also had two three ounce bottles both 15 minutes or less.

Ryder is also playing by herself more and having longer periods of being awake finally (which means better naps instead of catnapping all day long!).

The best news of all is that she has gained SIX OUNCES since Monday! The doctor says that the feeding tube is off the table for now and deleted off the chart! Hallelujah!

Ryder and I were so thrilled by this news that we came home and had a giggle party.

In fact, she giggled so hard she fell over! This picture cracks me up because it looks like the pictures of those huge headed puppies I used to see all the time. Do you know what I’m talking about?

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” – Psalm 5: 10-12