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updates and pictures

I have some updates for you!

1) Ryder had a WONDERFUL first day of Mother’s Day Out! They said she did great and napped great. They also said she was very interested in everyone’s food and tried stealing some oranges from her neighbor. Typical.

2) Jackson is officially gone. I’ve cried a whole lot and am really so sad, but I know it was time. Rory keeps calling for him and that makes it even harder. We just told her he was staying with new friends for a while.

3) We sold our couch and are getting a new one. Problem is they can’t deliver it until TUESDAY so we only have the new recliner. I feel like I’m back in our college days!

4) A few weeks ago we got Rory and Ryder’s pictures made. They are gorgeous and I’m, again, amazed at Jennifer’s patience and work with them!

winds of change

There are some pretty big changes coming this week to the Harris house. I will start with the easy one first.

Ryder is starting Mother’s Day Out on Thursday! I’m so SO so excited and so SO so SO so SO anxious and worried at the same time. I have gotten the all clear from the doctor and a lot of encouragement from family and friends on it, so that has eased my anxiety so much. Ryder is just obsessively attached, like I mentioned yesterday, and we need an outlet for her to get away and be around other babies and other adults. It really helped Rory and I’m praying it’ll help Ryder too.

And the best part about it is that the teachers are the two sweetest women on earth and I don’t have to be anxious for a second about their care for her. They loved Rory like she was their own and I know they will do the same with Ryder.

I plan to get stuff done at the house, work more on the blog and other ventures I have coming soon, and nap. Oh yes, I plan to NAP.

The next big change is much harder.

We are giving Jackson, our precious dog, to a new home.

The past few years, with age, Jackson has gotten increasingly grumpy. Its mainly been with his food and mostly towards Jersey, but it has taken a turn for the worse. Last week he yanked Rory’s snack out of her hand and when she went to get it back he bit her. Then he barricaded himself into a corner and was snapping at me and showing his teeth. I had exiled him to the backyard until I could find a home for him and somehow he worked his way back into the house.

Well, yesterday, he got a ball and barricaded himself again in his kennel and when I walked past him he lurched out at me and bit my leg. Then he went and hiked his leg all over my kitchen. The only way he would stop trying to attack me and marking his territory in our house was if I opened the front door and let him run free.

Most of you know that Jackson was/is my baby and has been the best friend a girl could ever ask for. And I know this aggression stems from not having as much attention, but I barely have time to give my girls and my husband attention so I can’t start a new project trying to retrain him right now, especially when I can’t be 100% sure it will work.

More importantly, no matter how much I love that dog, he is just a DOG and my children come first. Always. So even though its such a hard, devastating decision, its one I have had to make for the sake of my family’s protection.

So, bare with me if I’m a bit of an emotional mess for a couple of days. I’m losing my first “baby” and its harder than it probably should be.

And pray for me and Ryder on Thursday. Its going to be so hard leaving her and I’m sure it’ll be a hard day for her too.

Alright, Ryder is screaming for me to hold her as per usual.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


it has begun

The past week has been interesting around here. When I say interesting I, of course, mean crazy/makes me want to drink things baptists aren’t supposed to drink/manic/insane.

You see, Ryder has decided she no longer wants me to EVER put her down. Not even for a second. And if I dare touch another person besides her, she has a MAJOR MELTDOWN.

Its been quite stressful.

And then today my precious, sweet, teeny tiny baby did something that shocked the heck out of me. She threw a royal temper tantrum… so much so I thought she was going to hurt herself.

Here’s what happened:

Ryder woke up from her nap and was as happy as could be since she had me all to herself. Then Rory woke up and she came straight to me for some hardcore snuggling like she does every day after nap. So there I am with my arms open (still holding Ryder on one side, mind you) and Rory jumps up in the couch for our blissful snuggle time. That’s when it happened, folks. Ryder broke out into a ENORMOUS FIT OF RAGE because I was holding her and proceeded to claw at Rory’s face, pull her hair, and yank her paci out. She was being downright mean. She then started screaming so hard I seriously thought she was going to pass out.

I was so shocked. My sweet tiny baby surely isn’t old enough to throw those kind of fits! But then I realized, she may be tiny but she’s much older than she looks. I started thinking about Rory at this age and I remembered she got her first “spat” on the hand at almost nine months old (Ryder’s age now) for playing with a electric socket.

I guess because Ryder has zero interest in crawling and Rory was EVERYWHERE at 5 months I forget. Well, she is acting her age on at least one level.

So it begins, the sibling rivalry and jealousy, the temper tantrums, and being mean to one another.

I’m just glad they are still sweet to each other some of the time!


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spring break plans

Its Spring Break in Paris, and actually most of Texas it seems, so that means no MDO to break up our week. So I planned some fun things to keep us busy this week!

Yesterday we went to a inside playground/jump place in Sherman with like 20 kids and 7 moms or something like that. It was exhausting but Rory had an absolutely blast. I will definitely take her there again. She just ran and ran and ran and had the best time.

Yesterday afternoon I let Rory play outside despite the mud and she was in heaven!

and what would be playing outside with Rory without a little dirt tasting?

Ryder watched Rory the whole time she was driving her fourwheeler. Oh, by the way, she’s not “scarey” of it anymore because its outside! (???)

my little dirtball

Then she discovered the water hose and how much Jackson loves it. So that gave me a babysitter for about an hour while I sat in the chair and soaked up the sun and beautiful day.

Here’s a little clip of them playing with the water:


Ryder’s just been her usual happy, flirty self.

“I’m so excited I can’t keep it in!”

Today some friends came over and all our kids played outside until they were muddy head to toe. Rory, again, was in heaven.

Both girls are napping and I’m about to veg out on the couch and go into a mommie coma for approximately 5 minutes until someone wakes up. Sorry I don’t have anything clever to say today, but I had to blog because my dear mother texted me “ok it is time for a post on your blog”… which means, “IT IS TIME FOR ME TO SEE PICTURES OF MY BABIES”.

Hi, mom.

And just for kicks before I leave, here is another video of Rory doing somersaults and acting her usual crazy self:



you are doing a great job

This week has been hard. Tuesday and Wednesday were really hard days trying to get things back in a routine and back into our normal discipline habits. On Tuesday when I picked Rory up from MDO, her eyes were swollen from crying and the teacher said it was her worst day ever. I left and had a total breakdown and we both cried in the WalMart parking lot for about 20 minutes before going in.

But I was persistent and refused to give up on getting us all back to normal life. On Thursday when I picked Rory up her teacher said she’d had the best day ever, not even a single time out.

And then she said what is music to ANY tired momma’s ears – “Whatever you are doing, keep it up. She was a different kid today and YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.”

It totally made my day and gave me the confidence boost I needed to finish out the week.

So, I want to say to ALL of you momma’s reading this blog who are so tired mentally, physically, and emotionally from being a Mom, chauffeur, cook, secretary, disciplinarian, teacher, friend, doctor, and whatever other hat you are wearing- YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. I mean that with everything in me, you are doing a great job. No matter if you lost your patience today, no matter if you fell asleep for a minute on the couch and let the TV babysit for you while you dosed off, no matter if you gave your kids crap to eat today so you wouldn’t have to cook- you are doing wonderfully.

As a celebration to our success and to Rory’s good behavior, we had a fun afternoon yesterday. After school I took her to get a drink at sonic (cherry slush which she LOVED), went to the park, and then I took her to PetCo to look at the animals. She had a blast and so did I and it was so refreshing to be in the sunshine and have some fun after such a tough week.

Enjoying her first slush.

“Watch me, Momma!”

I think this is her “ain’t skeered” face.

Sweet girl.

Picking flowers.

Rest assured, Ryder had a fabulous time too.

This is her excited face. No, I’m not kidding. When she gets so excited, she makes the face and shakes her hands up and down. She is hilarious.

No matter how hard it is, at the end of the day I go to bed exhausted but happy because God entrusted me with these two precious gifts. I’m so thankful for my sweet girls.

the many faces of Ryder

Rory is at school and Ryder and I have been playing this morning.

She was totally cracking me up, so I got my camera out of course.


This kid is something else. She is a total ham. I always thought Rory was until Ryder came along. The kid sees my phone or the camera and immediately goes into cheese mode.

It is hilarious.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the many faces of Ryder.

the “shut up! you’ve got to be kidding!” face (talking to Elmo, of course)

the “hey mommy” smirk

the giggle

the “gotcha” face.

Note: She has this face on when she pulls Rory’s hair.

the “I’m so thrilled with myself” face

the faker

the distracted faker

the evil laugh

the “I’m ignoring you but will pretend you are funny” face

the innocent face

Note: This is also the face she has when she is pulling sister’s hair.

the serious reader

Now I’m going to have to stop there to tell y’all that I’m a bit worried about Ryder’s eyesight…

haha! This is exactly how she “reads” her books every single time.

The End.

the Monday post

Well today starts my “outage widow” week #1 of the year. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a thousand times but I HATE when Andy has outages. He’s up there for long hours and so tired that he just crashes when he gets home. It isn’t fun for anyone in our house.

We had a wonderful weekend and I was so sad to see today come. On Friday we headed to Dallas to get a new mattress!

Y’all. This is embarrassing but its our first new mattress since we’ve been married and the mattress we had before had been handed down to us from someone who had gotten it as a hand-me-down as well. So it was TIME.

And OH MY WORD is it amazing. We slept so hard the first night that Rory got right on up in the bed with us without us even knowing… along with a couple of stuffed animals and her blankie. HA!

I mean, she did help pick out the mattress so I don’t know why I expected her to stay out of it when it got home!

(why is that picture so small??)

We also ate at the ChickFilA and who doesn’t love that?

On Saturday we spent time at the house and we all took huge naps (again, as soon as we hit the mattress we were out!). Saturday night was parents’ night out at our church and we have been counting down the days to it! Of course, not a single movie was showing during the time (all started before or too late) so we were totally bummed about that but we went to eat and rented a movie and had the best time getting to be at home without kids.

Sunday we all went to church and were so glad to be back after two weeks out with sicknesses. The girls wore matching outfits and looked so dang cute!

Today we got invited to a playdate at Kayla‘s house. Rory and Ryder had the best time playing with their friends and I had the best time getting to socialize with my friends!

PS: I owe Kayla approximately 6 oranges and apples, a lime, and a potato since Rory felt the need to eat all of the above RAW and unpeeled (but honestly is anyone surprised by this?!); plus cleaning for her carpet and pillows that my children spilled and spit up on. Sorry!

I stole these pictures from Kayla as well. So I owe her a lot.

Rory looks like she’s about to get into serious trouble in this next one…

Ryder played with her friend Daxton.

And oh my word, is she taking a toy from him?! Already?! She’s too young for this!

I totally am going to have another stinker on my hands with her.

So we got home and I thought Rory would immediately crash because thats what she ALWAYS does after playdates.

Nope. That heifer WOULD NOT go to sleep and then all of a sudden I went into her room and she’s passed out in her bed. Problem is it was after 3 so I’m pretty sure she’s going to be up late tonight and I’m totally going to regret letting her nap at all today. Dang.

And that sweet Ryder fell asleep playing on the floor today. I put her in the crib and she’s been asleep for 3 hours.

Dear Lord, let my children sleep tonight even if their days were messed up. Amen.



Happy 60th Birthday Papa!

Today is a very, very special day!

Our Papa is 60 years old!

He is the very best Papa in the whole wide world! He loves to play with us and sings us songs. We have so much fun with him!

Papa, we love you so much and hope you have the best birthday ever! Wish we could be there to have “Papa coffee” with you and ride the horsey!

Can’t wait to see you in February!

I made an actual sign for them to hold up, but it didn’t work out very well.

the best days

I’m so afraid to talk about this, because I’m afraid I will jinx it….

but y’all, I can’t keep it in anymore!

Ryder is eating SO GOOD and you can tell that she is feeling SO GOOD.

Honestly, I am in tears right now because of how wonderful its been.

Its so hard knowing that your child is struggling even for a minute, but we have been in this same feeding struggle for six months. We have had a few good days here and there, but its always been a struggle and it has killed me.

I am praying with everything in me that we have found the solution in this new formula. Thank you Jesus for this relief!

So Sister (Ryder’s officially nickname) has been such a fun, happy baby this week! She has played and done things she’s never done before. She rolled across the room yesterday and today sat FOR AN HOUR and played with her toys and books. She’s also sleeping and napping so much better. HALLELUJAH!

Ryder’s favorite toy is Rory though. These girls are melting my heart every two seconds right now. They have played so hard together this week and its blessing my soul to see it. Its wonderful to see that they are already becoming best friends (and funny that they’ve already had their first fights!).

Yesterday, Rory had school and she chose her own outfit. Why does she look so grown up? How can I already be having attitude issues? Ha!

She has discovered her pockets and its been the highlight of her life.

Ryder and I had a great time playing while she was gone- its so rare that I get to really play with Ryder and I loved it. She woke up from her nap so happy. This reminds me so much of Rory… she always woke up the same way.

When Rory got home it was playtime! Rory’s favorite thing is playing peek-a-boo with Ryder because she laughs SO HARD everytime.

And Ryder’s favorite thing to do is pull Rory’s hair! Ha!

When Ryder woke up from her afternoon nap, Rory ran as fast as she could to go play with her. Hello, melt my heart!

These are the best days, my friends. They really are.

pictures and pringles sticks

The sickness continues at the Harris house, but looks like its coming to an end, finally!

Besides being a little bit puny as a whole for us this weekend, we did have a good one at home together. We didn’t get to go to church because two of us were running fever, and I miss it so much! Two weeks away is too much.

On Sunday, Rory had a full day with her Daddy! They went grocery shopping, worked outside and cleaned up the garage. By the end of the day she smelt like a sweaty little boy. She had a blast!

It felt pretty good out, so I decided to try and get some pictures of the girls. And low and behold, Rory thought it was a great idea! …. and of course, Ryder just stared at me like I was crazy the entire time. Whatever, Ryder, whatever.

Well, I guess she did do her little half smile thing that she does. I think its so cute and hilarious.

Then it was swinging time! Ryder likes to swing, but not nearly as much as Rory always has.

Today I had to take Rory to the doctor because she started coughing pretty bad last night. So, I figured I might as well see what was up and if there was anything we could give her. She has a sinus infection and on an antibiotic so I’m hoping that means an end is in sight for all the sickness in the house!

Anyways. When we got there they kept talking about how “laid back” and “chill” Rory is and it made me laugh so hard. Obviously they have seen Ryder at her very worst a whole lot, ha! And obviously when people say, “oh my, you have your hands full!”, they mean it.

When we got home the girls both napped and so did I… it was GLORIOUS.

Then they woke up both ready to play together.

Do y’all know how much better life is now that Ryder is sitting up? It makes things so much easier. She sits up so so good and very rarely topples over. Rory is loving this too because now they can play together better.

Rory let Ryder play with her laptop while she went potty. That’s love, folks.

One of Rory’s favorite things to play with Ryder is tea party/cooking. She loves to bring Ryder plates and cups. Ryder loves it too!

I gave Rory a snack of Pringles sticks and some juice after she woke up. I was trying to pick up the living room because they had trashed it…

case in point- look at this pic.

Stuff everywhere in our living room.

Well Ryder, as we all know, is what I’d like to call a “high maintenance” eater.

I’ve tried giving her all sorts of things to eat and she hates and gags at everything.

Anyways, as I was cleaning I look over to find…

First of all, how guilty does Rory look? Ha!

So Ryder sucked on that Pringles stick until it was completely gone. What a little turd!

But I love that little turd.

Ok! Happy Monday!