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a Wednesday post

Today as I finally got both girls down for nap, I realized something…

when naps come to an end at our house, someone is going to have to seriously talk me off a ledge.

Not that I LIVE for naptime or anything…

but it really helps me hold onto whatever sanity I have left.

I see all these other moms out there and they look like they have it all together and like they enjoy every single second with their kids…

but I’ve come to the conclusion that either

a) they are lying or pretending

b) they are on strong medication

c) they drink a lot


d) they are simply better than me.

I would like to think the answer is a, b, or c but it’s probably d.

I’m okay with that though.

Let’s move on.

Yesterday I went to go pick the girls up from school (interruption: also my sanity saver but I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before) and it felt AMAZING outside.

I picked Rory up first and we had an hour or so to kill so rolled the windows down and turned some music up and danced and sang in the car. People probably stared and gawked. That’s okay.

Then we went to the local FroYo (frozen yogurt for those of you don’t speak the cool slang like me) shop and Rory was THRILLED. FroYo is pretty much her most favorite thing ever.

Then we headed over to Goody’s which was a fatal mistake on my part.

You see, when we went in, girlfriend decided to freak out because she wanted to look at purses. Then she freaked out over the necklaces. Then the sunglasses…

must I go on?

So I went to the counter to pay for a bracelet for her and the following conversation happens.

Note: it was pretty much a one-sided conversation.

Cashier: Well, hi! Is this your bracelet?

Rory: Hi! My name is Rory Eve Harris! This is my mommy, her name is Tiffy and she push me down and hit me real hard.

Me: *eyeballs popping out of my head/face bright red/looking for nearest exit*


This kid.

So after I took her to the car and contemplated actually beating the heck out of her (but laughing my head off instead), we met Andy and had a lovely dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. White cheese dip has been missed by our family since moving to Texas in a major way. Don’t worry, we have more than made up for the last two years already.

When we got home, we let the girls play outside. I’m so excited for this cooler weather so we can spend some time outside wearing the girls out playing and having fun with our girls.

Ryder loved being outside too but she HATES shoes and was so mad at us for making her wear them. So she spent the majority of the time trying to get them off. HA!

Doesn’t she look a little mean is this picture?!

Probably because she is a little meanie these days.

Okay. Who can guess what I’m going to do with the remainder of naptime?!

Hint: it isn’t cleaning or cooking and it involves a pillow and blanket.

Happy Wednesday!

this is my life.

When I say that we have been going non-stop for seriously months, I mean it. Every week we are either heading to Nashville or Jackson for doctors’ appointments, or going to Clifton or Jackson to see our parents, or going to Memphis to get a car, or to New Albany to see family…. must I go on? It has literally been NON. STOP.

We have had a blast though. It has been so nice to see family so much and for Rory and Ryder to really get to know our parents and siblings.

On Wednesday we went to my grandparents’ house, which is now the “family farm” and where my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Frank live. They have a bunch of miniature horses, a donkey, and a full-size horse as well. Of course, the kids were in heaven. Both of my girls are MAJOR animal lovers. They don’t care what kind of animal it is, they completely freak out at the sight of any animal. So, of course, they loved the horses, cats and dogs at the farm. Rory keeps asking if she can go see “my Unkie Frank and A Brenda and Bear and Peanut Butter Sandwich” (their dog is Bear and they have a horse named Peanut Butter but she adds the sandwich, ha!).

On Wednesday night we spent time playing outside (while Andy cleaned out my car) and the girls loved it. Our neighborhood is really nice because there are a ton of kids and they are outside all of the time. It reminds me of my neighborhood growing up.

Thursday morning I dropped the kids off at school and headed to Memphis to get a new car. Since getting my car back it had still been acting up and making crazy noises sometimes and we just didn’t want to put anymore money into it. So I went by myself and spent the entire day at the lot. I had planned to call a friend who lives in Memphis now or Andy’s cousins to see if they wanted to do lunch but ended up having to come straight home afterward to pick the kids up from school. I got a GMC Acadia and I’m so in love with it. It is just like a mini-van on the inside but not one on the outside. I realize I’m a total snob about the MV thing, but if I’m having to spend money on something I wanted to like it. I think they are wonderful and practical and I wish I could get over my phobia. Ha!

Today we have just been having a fun day at home. After breakfast and some laundry catch-up, I decided to take the girls for some fun outside at the park. They had the absolute best time, which I was kinda shocked about since Ryder isn’t walking yet. I thought she would be fussy because of the rocks, but turns out they were her favorite part. She wanted to eat them, throw them, eat them, put them in her shirt/pants/etc, and eat them some more. Sigh. I finally got Rory to stop (for the most part) eating things and now Ryder has begun.

The park has so many things to climb on, so Rory was in heaven too. Rory is so sweet because she is always trying to get Ryder to play with her.

Their favorite part was the sandbox though. They aren’t your typical kids who are bothered by sand. They were burying each other, eating it (Ryder), digging, throwing (which I didn’t allow), and having the best time.

I kept hearing some noises from the woods behind the park so I was looking towards it and when I turned back around (like 30 seconds tops) I saw this going down.

Yes, people, that is my child taking a bathroom break in the sandbox.

Apparently she is like a cat and wants to go in a box?

And no, this wasn’t a #1 situation. It was a #2 situation.

I just happened to have my camera on taking pictures of them playing and so as I’m running and shouting “noooooooooo” (in what seemed like slow motion) I snapped the picture.

But alas, I wasn’t quick enough.

A big ol’ turd dropped right down in the sandbox.

Of course, I didn’t bring the diaper bag out of the car and it was a little walk to the car so I’m panicking wondering what the heck I’m going to do with the turd since I have no wipes or diapers.

At this point, Ryder has realized what is going on and starts, very fastly, toward the poop. So then I’m really panicking.

I didn’t know whether to bury it in the sand and grab the girls and run and never come back, or to find something to pick it up with (preferably not my bare hand)…?????

But I found some leaves and managed to get it out in the knick of time.

Moms. Quick to solve problems in a time crunch.

But not quick enough to keep their children from pooping at the park apparently.

I’m so glad we were the only ones there. I’m wondering how I’m going to make friends with kids like mine???

Yes, this is my life.

Don’t pretend you aren’t sitting there reading this being completely jealous.

You know you want to be cleaning turds out of sandboxes too.

Happy Friday!


So I had hyped myself up thinking that because we are coming up on the one year mark of  Ryder’s surgery I’d be in this major funk and would be weepy and sad about it.

But, truth is, I’ve barely thought about it.

It’s funny how life gets in the way of things.

We have been going non-stop lately and I haven’t been able to pause and think much about how hard last year was. And honestly, Ryder is doing so well right now that it is hard to believe the things we went through and had to endure.

When I do have a moment of quiet to think, I’m distracted by other things like loneliness or sadness over things going on around me in other people’s lives.

Although I’m not struggling with insecurities and identity as much as I was, I am still struggling with loneliness. I desperately miss my friends and church and life in Paris. I know it will get better as soon as I find people here, but it has been hard.

The kids are my main distractions though, and for that I am so grateful.

Ryder is walking around the furniture like crazy and starting to take steps out on her own. I can’t even believe she will be walking soon. She is Rory’s biggest fan and thinks her big sister is HILARIOUS, which is true. She is eating pretty good and hopefully the bottle will be going away very soon. I can’t wait to have that extra cash to throw into something else like bills. ha! She is saying more words now- “dis” (this), “doooh” (dog), her version of bottle, dada, momma, no, stop, don’t, “Jers” (Jersey), “ni-ni” (night night)… and more that I can’t think of right now.

Rory is just so big. I can’t get over it. She’s looking so tall and old all of a sudden. She’s still smart as a whip. She NEVER forgets ANYTHING. She’s also so hysterical. Some of my favorite things she says right now are- “I go do ____ tomorrow.”. Anything she wants to do, she says she’s going to do it tomorrow very matter of factly. “What’s happenin’?”, “Whatcha doin’?”, “Where?”, “What’s that?”, “What’s her/him name?” are CONSTANTLY asked around here. We recently started rewarding her with money to put in her bank so that when it fills up she can go pick something out. So, she now constantly asks, “Wherrr my quarter at?!”, whenever she does something she thinks is worthy of a reward. It has actually been working out really well. Soon I will do a whole post of just Rory-isms.

And, I’m glad to report that Rory is this close to being potty trained. Today she went the entire day without going in her pull-up at school. She loves her “pannies” and thinks she has to wear them at home now so that has been such a plus.

And if she is wearing “pannies” then sister has to wear them too.

Hope y’all had a great day! Tomorrow I will post all about our week and try and catch up more.

Tonight I shall go to bed because it has been an EXHAUSTING day of driving, car buying, and more driving.

But, man, I love my new ride.

a Thursday post.

It is Thursday, if you didn’t know this already, which means I’m having a “mommy free day”. I have been loving these days lately because I can clean, nap, watch TV that I wouldn’t watch in front of the kids (hello Real Housewives and the Kardashians and mine and Andy’s new favorite, Honey Boo Boo!), and take long, hot showers.


Andy is probably going to be real sad when I get friends because I have been keeping this house CLEAN, y’all. Granted, I clean for hours and the two tornadoes whip through and mess it all up, but I’m like vacuuming every day, sometimes twice a day. The laundry is always caught up and put up. The dishes are mostly always clean.


I have been a cooking machine. I’ve been cooking so much that I’ve decided one day next week I will share some recipes with y’all.

Go ahead, drop your jaw in awe and shock. It won’t hurt my feelings.

Tonight I’m cooking HOMEMADE pizza. I even made the crust Tuesday night and have been letting it sit and be glorious just for tonight.

Oh, yes I did.

Just call me super mom, thankyouverymuch.

Maybe if I start posting recipes and get a little crafty and all fancy like my mom will claim me as her favorite blogger again.

Oh, I didn’t tell you?

Since being in Tennessee I have found out that my mom has another favorite blog.

In fact, she’s been calling it  THE blog.

For example: She says to me, “Tiff, did you see what was on the blog today?”. I’m all like…. ?????? I didn’t blog today ??????

Oh, no ma’am. She’s not talking about me, her favorite daughter. (ha.)

She’s talking about another blogger, who I admit is totally fabulous and amazing.

Whatever, mom. I can handle it.

Another reason I am super mom is because I actually got some pictures of the kids.

Since I decided to enter Ryder into the Gerber baby contest (and Rory!) I wanted to get some cute pictures of her.

Let me tell you something that you probably have already picked up on about Ryder.

She is a mess.

I’ve never seen any kid in the world with as many expressions and faces as her. The kid is hilarious. She will make the craziest faces and each and every one describes exactly what she is feeling or thinking.

So I took all these pictures of her and seriously had 108 pictures that were cute and hilarious because of her expressions.

None of them are smiley cheesy pictures and I love that.

You are welcome for the cuteness overload that is about to hit you.

And how could you say “no” to these hands????

She was actually making them at Rory, which is just precious. So Rory came over and sat with her and all was right in the world.

These kids are little BFF’s. True, they fight some and are too rough with each other for most of the day, but they also play so well together and just love on each other all day.

I wanted to get some pictures of them before school this morning but Ryder had it in her mind that it was time to GO and she wasn’t having it. Rory was actually looking at me and smiling too, which NEVER happens.

Well, I’m off to pick the stinkers up.

Rory and I are going shopping for Andy’s birthday tomorrow before we pick Ryder up.

I tried shopping with her the other day but she was insistent on getting him a bright purple shirt with pink argyle. Which is fine if your husband likes it, but have you met Andy??? He won’t even hardly wear red because he fears it isn’t manly enough.

Happy Thursday!

fair warning

It is only Tuesday, but it has been A WEEK already. You know what I mean?! It just won’t stinkin’ end. Why is it only Tuesday?

Yesterday (Monday) my kids were demon babies at the doctor, came home and took a swim in the toilet, refused to nap, and pretty much made me want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

In fact, I will tell y’all that I’ve seriously been wanting another baby and we almost decided to go ahead and seriously consider this until yesterday. They completely cured me of baby fever. Which is a big statement since I live with a permanent case of it.

I actually told Andy I was DONE with having kids and he could just forget trying for a boy. Ha!

Today was better though!

True… the heifers were at MDO…

but it was still better.

Two year olds are truly terrible, are they not? And from what I hear, three is worse.

Please, Lord, save me.

The most depressing part of all of this is that I have TWO in a row that will go through it.


Last week I think I mentioned that I was getting my car back.

Well, we were completely packed and ready to go and Andy was on his way home from work to load everyone/everything up and head to Little Rock and low and behold, the dang guys called saying my car wasn’t ready after all.

So here we are, six (almost seven) weeks later with my car being in the shop.

This seems excessive, no?

That minivan is looking better by the second.

In fact, I’ve been begging Andy to just get me one and forget my car ever existed.

But, alas, we are not made of money.

I had a good blog post for today, but I can’t remember what it was…

and I got distracted because I decided to enter Ryder into the Gerber Baby Search.

Tell me she doesn’t look like the Gerber baby….

I’m pretty sure she will win.

Want to know why????

Because I am going to HOUND all of y’all until you can’t take it anymore to vote for her starting September 4th.

So, this is your warning!

How could you say no to this face?!

and especially this Gerber baby face????

The answer is, you can’t.

You just can’t.

stinkers. plural.

Alright, folks. It has been a while.

I apologize.

But! Good news!

We’re in our new place and I FINALLY have my desktop set up!

So you shall now have lots of entertainment via the Stinkers, Rory and Ryder.

And I want you to know that they are DEFINITELY still stinkers. Probably more so than usual. I blame all the time with the grandparents these past few weeks.

Y’all won’t believe this, but Ryder is actually more of a stinker than Rory these days.

Yes! You read that correctly!

She is a pulling up, “no”-saying fool. She’s into everything and is proud of it.


Those are stinker faces if I’ve ever seen one.

Oh! And she totally ate dirt for the first time. I was praying for a kid who thought things were “yucky” but no such luck apparently.


What have we been up to the past few weeks?

I know you are dying to know.

Well, for starters, we went to the zoo!

And we went swimming almost every day with Telena and her family.

And basically just hung out around my parents’ house all the time. Rory and Ryder LOVED that they could stand and look out of the window at all the birds and squirrels. They just had such a great time staying with their Mimi and Papa.

The only picture I have of them together… I will try harder this week to get some cute pics of them matching and the like again.

So, want to hear a good Stinker story before I go?

Yes, I’m referring to The Original Stinker or Stinker #1.

Last week Andy went out of town on a business trip to Atlanta.

Side note: I’m starting to think he plans these things to happen at the worst times. Seriously! What gives?! We’ve been away from each other for a month already and he has a business trip for a week after that! Maybe I should talk to his boss… HA! Kidding.


On Wednesday, Rory and I were playing in the living room with stickers. I looked away for literally one second to read a text and Rory says, “Wook Mom! I got a sticker in my nose!”.

Well, I look up in there and I don’t see anything. So I thought, with her being two, that she was probably just saying that.

A couple of minutes later, she starts freaking out a little saying she needed to get that sticker out of her nose. So, I start to look in there again and it starts bleeding. I still can’t see it and blood is flowing at a steady pace and I’m trying not to freak out.

Well then it starts REALLY bleeding. I call my mom, Andy, my sister, etc to see what I should do. My mom was the only person I could get a hold of and she said it would come out and to just wait, basically.

After I get off of the phone with my mom, Rory starts saying, “ohhhh it tickle me! It tickle!” and was giggling a lot.

Then all of a sudden she starts sneezing.

She sneezes, no lie, at least 50 times. Blood is coming out every time and I’m trying real hard not to freak out.

Well, Rory gives one final, huge sneeze and BAM!

That dang sticker came out and was SMILING AT ME! The nerve!

So yes, if you were wondering, Rory is still up to her usual antics…

and on top of that I have a one year old named Ryder who is following in her sister’s footsteps and is probably going to give me a run for my money even more than Rory ever did.

These kids.

They are trying to break me.

They are trying to make me squirm.

But, too bad, suckers!

I’m in this for the long haul!

(If you would please pray for my sanity without letting them know, that’d be wonderful. Thank you very much.)

Have a great week!

all moved in… ish.

Well, we are finally in our house! I’m so glad to finally have a place of our own. We went to TX this weekend and picked up all of our stuff and headed back ab 12 or so hours after we got there. It was a whirlwind!

While the boys loaded the car, I went and had brunch with a few friends!

I had a great time at brunch and ugly cried when I left. We are trying to work out a girls’ weekend sometime soon though and I can’t wait!

We got all the boxes and furniture in the house and I tried my hardest to get as much unpacked as I could before the kids got here. After a few mishaps when they got home I finally got everything pushed out of the way so they could play freely without getting hurt (I hope!).

We got Rory a new-to-her big girl bed (it is my old bed from my parents’) and I’m hoping it does the trick to get her to stay in her bed all night. Since it is still a mess in their rooms and she’s not used to the house I haven’t put her in it yet. I plan to do so as soon as I can, though! When I get it all done I will post pictures.

Currently, my youngest child is refusing to take a nap and making loud noises and saying “no!” in her bed because it echos in there right now. So I’m sure she will wake Rory up in 3, 2, ….

I will leave you with a prime example of the sassy little squirt. This is a video of them playing today and you can see Ryder’s sassy personality come through at the end.

Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party

Last Monday I decided to have Ryder’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. It was insanely last minute and I worked my butt off all week to get ready.

Here’s a picture of the invite:

I absolutely love this picture of Ryder- the epitome of joy!

It was supposed to be a splash party and I had set out a water fight table (balloons, guns, etc), a bubble table, a slip n slide, a pool and the water table for everyone to play in.

And then about 30 minutes before the party started it decided to POUR. I was so disappointed! So the party was inside and pretty chaotic but we still had fun. I am mad at myself for not taking more pictures, but I just wanted to enjoy the day with my friends and not stress about the perfect picture.

On our mantle I hung all of Ryder’s monthly pictures. It was SO cute. I’m so glad I took pictures each month of both girls. I will always treasure those!

Ryder was SO funny eating her cake. She just stared at it a minute, put her finger in it, stared at her finger, licked it, and started the process over again. It took her FOREVER to eat any of it and she wasn’t a fan of it being all over her!

This is her “whoa” / excited face.

Rory had a blast too! She loved every second of our house being full with friends and chaos!

I asked on the invite for people to bring travel size items for the families in the CICU at Medical City where Ryder had her surgery instead of presents. Of course, some people didn’t abide by that and got her some stuff anyways! She loves all her toys and books!

But I was overwhelmed by how much we got for the heart families. I can’t wait to get all the bags together and deliver them! I’m going to write out scripture that helped me during our time in the hospital with Ryder and write a note telling them that people care about them and are praying for them. God has blessed me with such great friends who were more than willing to go above what I imagined to help these families out!

This is only part of the donations!

I had such a great time celebrating Ryder’s birthday with our friends here. And we have so much to celebrate!

This week is VBS at church and I’m teaching the 3 and 4  year olds… I am BEAT. Seriously, I’m so tired! Hopefully I can make it until Thursday! 🙂


I’m ELEVEN months old today and I’m just giddy about it, can’t you tell?!

In just ONE month I will be a whole year old. I’m getting so big!

This month has been a really fun month for me because I’m able to get around wherever I want to go now. I’m a scootin’ fool, y’all! Mommy and Daddy don’t think I will ever really crawl because I am so fast at scooting on my bottom. I’m also starting to try to pull up some too.

Another big new change this month is that I FINALLY have a tooth! I have one tooth all the way out on the bottom but Mommy thinks I have a couple of more coming in right now too. Everyone is so excited that I’m getting teeth and I am too, but MAN do they hurt! I’ve been pretty grumpy about the whole tooth thing!

Daddy and Mommy are always laughing at me because I’m so sneaky. And I am always trying to get in and OUT of trouble. I scoot away as fast as I can if I have something I’m not supposed to. And if they start coming at me to take something away I throw it as hard as I can. Mom and Dad say that I’m going to be a worse stinker than Rory, can you believe that?!

I love to reach and grab people. I pretend like I’m hugging but really I’m kind of mean about it. I pull Mommy’s hair and Rory’s hair all the time. And I pinch Daddy’s face. Mommy has started really having to start getting onto me about it, but it hasn’t slowed me down at all.

Here’s my stats at 11 months:

– I weigh over 17 lbs!!! I’ve jumped up to the 10th percentile! Woohoo!

– I eat 5 oz bottles (well, I’m supposed to but I don’t always eat my bottles)

– I wear 3-6 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.

– I’m eating table food like crazy! Once mommy gave up trying to feed me baby food I have really taken off with my eating and love to feed myself! I love veggies, cereal bars, beans, meat, etc. She will pretty much eat anything you give her.

– Saying “mamamamama”, “daddY” (so stinkin’ cute), “dawww” (dog), “uh ohhhh”

Here is a little video of me and Rory playing. Its a little long (5 min or so), but Mommy wanted to catch me playing like usual so everyone could see!

See y’all next month when I’m ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!

monday catch-up

Last week started out a little rocky, but we ended up having a great week. Andy had one of his outages so I had to be a single parent, but it was an “easy” outage this time.

We spent a lot of the week and weekend playing outside. Its getting hot, but its not unbearable yet, so I’m trying to be outside with the girls as much as possible before it is! I have discovered that our hot tub is the PERFECT kiddie pool. I turn the heat down to bath water temperature and the kids love it!

Rory was cracking me up the other day because she would only wear her bathing suite like this:

I kept undoing the thong/wedgie and she’d say “NO! MOM! NO! My bathing suit go like this!”, then put it back in place. Ha!

Over the weekend I decided to have a lovely “photo shoot” with my girls at the pond that is in the neighborhood behind our house.

You can guess how well that went. I got about 200 pictures on my camera and only FOUR came out just okay. They just downright REFUSED to look at me the entire time. And I put them on a bench and Ryder kept trying to plunge to her death off of it the entire time so it was just insane.

The things I do for you people. HA!

Yesterday we went to church and I dressed the girls in matching pillow case dresses that my sweet friend from Louisiana, Kayla, made for them. Everyone complimented them and they looked SO CUTE.

Last week and over the weekend I got two videos that are pretty cute. The first one is of Rory and Ryder playing and then Andy gets home. I love it because it shows their reaction perfectly… and yes that is their reaction every day! (This video is 4 minutes long, so its a little longer sorry!- just fyi)

The second is of Ryder getting into trouble. The funny part is that usually she says “no no noooo” back to us while shaking a finger but I didn’t get it on camera. And you get to see Ryder scooting around on her booty!

Hope everyone has a great week!