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a Friday post about halloween and singing and tackiness.

Every single week I try and try to write my blogs at night and have them ready to post.

And every single night of every single week I take my laptop out and then end up shutting it and going to sleep.

I just can’t hang anymore with the night owls.

Neither can Andy or Rory.1455866_10100886616670146_634664967_n[1]

So here I go again, scrabbling for a post on a Friday.

One day I will get the hang on blogging and working all at the same time.


Last week was Halloween and I can’t have a family blog without posting some pics of it. The girls were a cupcake (Rory) and an ice cream cone (Ryder).


Unfortunately, Ryder has NO IDEA what ice cream is thanks to the ol’ milk allergy, so when I put her costume on she was real confused.

She kept looking in the mirror saying, “Momma… ??? What I is?! What I issss mommaaaaa????”

Bless her little heart.

My plan for Halloween was the have this big bonfire at our house and I had invited pretty much everyone I know in Savannah.

Including random strangers at WalMart.

Well the flood came down on that frightful night and no trick or treating was to be had.

But I did have a good group of friends come to the house and we ate and laughed and had a good ol’ time together. I was so glad because since it was so rainy it would have been a total bummer of a night had we not been with friends.


Just for kicks and grins, here is a little collage of the past four Halloweens.


So precious.

I decided to be the “fun mom” and dress up too.

Meet Katy Perry and her extras from the California Gurls video – ha!


And I just want to state for the record that HALF OF THE PEOPLE at my party didn’t know who Katy Perry was.


Speaking of Katy Perry- we are so loving her new CD, but especially ROAR. My girls beg for me to put it on every time we get the car. Here’s a little video of Ryder singing it.

I think her southern twang takes it to another level.

I have no idea where she gets that from.

Now let’s discuss Rory.


One of Rory’s favorite things to do is to get up really early and dress herself for the day. I delight in this. I’m not one of those moms who says no and makes them wear exactly what I want them to…. well to an extent. I told her to make sure she had on long sleeves and long pants. That was her only criteria. Usually she dresses semi-decent to cute. Like the above photo.

She’s also in this weird phase where she feels like she HAS to wear two shirts and two pants. I have no idea what that is about.

I tried yesterday when she wore the above outfit to get a picture of the girls together. This is the best I got. Ryder was especially hateful and LOVES to aggravate. Can you tell??

photo (2)

That child.

So this morning Rory woke up (without us knowing she got into our bed at some point) and I told her to go to her room and get some clothes on. She bounces away into her room because this is her most favorite time of day.

And then she came out. SO PROUD OF HERSELF.


Now y’all. I love her creativity. I would never want to stifle that.


I just had to draw the line somewhere- and THAT OUTFIT RIGHT THERE WAS IT.

I praised her for being “so big!” and “so clever!” and “what an imagination!”……..

and then took her precious little arms and said, “honey, mommy loves you so very much but you are going to have to change some of these clothes a little bit. They just really don’t match and MOMMY LOVES YOU and I will help you pick out something that matches better!!! IT’LL BE FUN!”

*wail* *sob* *wail*

“BUT MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM I just HAVE to wear these because they are stuck and CANNOT COME OFF OF ME”.


Finally we got her into something else. It wasn’t traumatic or anything….

I’m a terrible mother for making her change, I know I know.

But y’all I just couldn’t handle the green shorts over the orange and black leggings. I JUST COULDN’T LET HER GO TO SCHOOL THAT WAY.

I mean, she already looks like a homeless person 99% of the time.

It was like tacky day all over again except NOT ON TACKY DAY.

Okay. I shall go now. I must mentally prepare myself because I have done signed myself up for a 5k tomorrow.


I’m sure there will be a hilarious “Tiffany” story to come out of this.


Have a great weekend!

two years.

I’m having a hard time finding the words to describe how I feel this year on Ryder’s 2nd “heartiversary”. I’ve been weepy all week because I see so many around me going through unbearable things. It has been a reminder of when Ryder was so sick and how unbearable it seemed to me.

Honestly, I am just so overwhelmed with thankfulness. I have been either on the verge of tears or all out crying all week remembering how sick Ryder was. I look at pictures before surgery and I can hardly stand it. She was pitiful. Our outcome with Ryder was so close to being drastically different. We were so close to losing her. So, so close. And the thought of that is too much to bear. I can’t possibly imagine my life without our Ryder.

(Below is a picture of Ryder the day we rushed to Dallas because she was barely eating, barely waking up, and completely blue.)


I remember when Ryder smiled for the first time. She was literally two weeks old. She looked right into my eyes and smiled the hugest smile you’ve ever seen.

And she hasn’t stopped since.

I’m going to tell you something about that smile – there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that her smile was a gift from God. She smiled through EVERYTHING. That girl is the smiliest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

300304_924691424076_2085577697_n 309381_925309335776_1778367926_n photo-6-300x300

Ryder’s precious smile was such a special gift to me. Even on our hardest days, her smile got me through. I knew, and still know, that God put that smile on that sweet baby’s face as a promise and reminder that God is in control. I can’t tell you how many times that smile stopped me in my negative tracks and made me praise Jesus.

308298_934762701156_1564713099_n 296929_931236662366_1366418588_n


So, this year, I want to NOT dwell on the negative of that wretched time in our lives and just focus on the positive.

Ryder is thriving. She is eating and feeling great. Sure, we have some hurdles to jump, but she is doing so well. I never thought we’d get to where we are now.

I’m just so thankful God saved her. I’m so thankful He gave her such a beautiful smile.


Most of all, I’m so thankful He gave Ryder a broken heart. My heart is completely overwhelmed with gratitude for that trial in our lives. Where would I be without it? WHO would I be without it? Certainly not who I am today.

Ryder’s heart changed my life. And it is such a symbol of how God healed my heart too. He saved me. He healed my brokenness. I am forever changed and eternally grateful for it.


My biggest prayer for Ryder is that she gives her heart to Jesus. Oh, how I cannot wait for that day to see my babies saved.

And I pray that Ryder will look down at her beautiful scar and see proof of God’s miracles. I want it to remind her that God loves her and saved her.

Two years later. God is still SO good, ALL the time. I’m still blown away by the miracles he performed for us. I hope and pray I will always feel that way- that the passion and light behind that never goes away.

“I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me.” Psalms 13:5

“He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.” Deuteronomy 10:21






flowers and a letter to Abby

Oooooo sweet mercy lawd this has been a crazy week.

Andy’s been out of town which means extra craziness added to the regular craziness.

Speaking of craziness…

Let me tell you the story of how I (kinda) received two bouquets of flowers.


I got to work on Thursday morning and my boss called me and said, “hey! Not sure why but my housekeeper is getting flowers delivered here so just accept them when they get here.”

So, obviously I said to her that I was TOTALLY going to pretend like Andy sent me flowers and keep them up there with me until she picked them up.

So in come the flowers about an hour later and I very giddily excepted them, all the while pretending they were for me…

then I look at the card and it says my name on them and I’m all, “huh!?!”.

So I call my boss and say, “Did you have them change the name on the card?!”, and she says “um no”.

By this time I’m red faced and hysterically laughing because I realize Andy really HAD sent me flowers on the same day I was going to pretend like I got flowers from him.

Because really? You can’t possibly get a bigger coincidence than that, people.

I’m still laughing about it.

Later on in the day, here comes the next set of flowers and I felt like the most special girl in all the land….

until the housekeeper picked up the second bouquet, of course.

And just so you know- Andy never sends flowers. I’m not being ugly about this, but seriously, he never ever ever sends flowers so that is why I was so shocked and why it is just all the more crazy.


I’m currently watching a precious, precious baby named Sadie.

Sadie is one of those babies like Ryder. She cries. A lot. Which is actually the biggest understatement in the entire world.

And unless you have a “Ryder baby” you can’t possibly imagine how hard it is.

So I’d like to write a letter to my friend, Abby, and all the other momma’s who are mothers to “Ryder babies”.


Dear Abby, 

What an amazing woman you are.

I know that you are so exhausted that you ache to the bone. I know you cringe at every sound because it is either the baby crying, again, or it is someone else in your house who just can’t possibly understand that any noise could wake the precious monster sleeping for the first time all day.

I know the guilt you feel when you leave your baby, not because you are leaving her but because you are just so glad to be away from her. Yes, you miss her and can’t wait to see her at the end of the day, but going to work couldn’t possibly be more of a break to you. 

I know that feeling of hatred and love you feel for your husband right now. You couldn’t love or hate anyone more than him. He just can’t understand how hard it is to have a screaming baby who no one but you can soothe and a toddler pulling on you all day. I know he says things that make you want to punch him in the face because they are so insensitive and I know you feel like sometimes you’d be better off without him for a few days.

I know the annoyance you feel that you can’t leave your kid anywhere and everyone makes SO MANY comments and suggestions that are sometimes down right ugly. I know you have tried everything and that you want to strangle each person who says anything like that to you.

Well, sweet Abby, just know it’ll end. Take it one day at a time. Heck, take it one minute at a time. I promise it gets better.

One day you will all wake up and the crying will stop. Maybe not completely, they are children after all, but it won’t be constant. You will feel like a completely new woman, I promise. The fog will lift and you will be able to breathe again.

Don’t ever, ever feel guilty for needing a break. Your kids need it too, whether they know it or not. You deserve a minute, or a couple of hours, to yourself.

Give your husband a little break. Shoot him ugly looks behind his back or even flip him the bird when he isn’t looking… it’ll make you feel better and he will never know. One day soon you will enjoy each other again, I promise. He has no idea that he’s being insensitive- he doesn’t know what to do either. He hates seeing it so crazy and out of control. And we all know they don’t handle things around the house being out of control well.

And give everyone else a break too. It sucks so bad, but they just don’t have a clue what to say because they’ve never been in the situation you are in and have never had a baby like yours. Just smile and think thoughts like, “I hope someone cuts all your hair off in your sleep”. 

I promise it all gets better. Eat chocolate. Drink a big coke. Hide in your closet sometimes. 

You will be a better mom and person for it. This is the hardest time in your life and you feel completely alone. Luckily it ends and you realize how amazing you are for surviving it. 

And always remember to find some fellow “Ryder mommas” and rely on them to help you through it because no one else in the world understands. 

You are someone to be respected and admired. I certainly do.


Ryder’s Momma

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ryder!

Ryder is TWO YEARS OLD today!

It completely blows my mind that she is two. Like, COMPLETELY blows my mind. I can’t believe we have made it out of the baby stage and into the terrible twos!

It seems like yesterday that I was holding her for the very first time.


And now today after many ups and downs through these two years, she’s a little spit-fire. Rough but prissy. Strong willed and sweet as pie. Hilarious and oh-so-serious. She is the perfect combination of everything I could ever want in a little girl. She’s just like her big sister Rory in so many ways, and nothing like her in just as many.

Ryder at 2 years old:

– you LOVE to eat. Oh yes, this is a big surprise to all of us! Hard to believe you wouldn’t eat at all your first year of life! Your favorite foods are sausage, waffles, peaches, chips, pop tarts, spaghetti… basically you are a meat and potatoes/pasta and bread person. You will try anything but have a hard time liking most veggies and some fruits.

– you yell for Rory every morning when you wake up. It’s hilarious. You yell her name until someone comes in there and you aren’t happy if someone else besides her comes in to get you. It is so sweet to see how close you two girls are. I pray you are always best friends.

– you wear size 18 months clothes, size 4 shoe

– you are 22 lbs! We are so excited about this!

IMG_7733 IMG_7729 IMG_7817

We had a birthday party for Ryder on Friday night and we all had a blast, but especially Ryder. She was so cute and it was such a care-free, low key party. It was perfect!

The theme was “You Are My Sunshine” because Ryder is exactly that- a little sunshine in our world. I barely had any decorations because it was a pool party, but I did love the little things I put together. Simple and cute, just like my birthday girl!

My amazing friend, Erin, created the invites for me and they were perfect! They inspired the rest of the party decor.





My favorite decorations are always pictures of kids throughout the years.


IMG_7766 IMG_7771 IMG_7774 IMG_7775 IMG_7783 IMG_7789 IMG_7800

I loved celebrating your life with our friends and family! You were so well behaved and so cute telling everyone thank you.


Dear Ryder,

It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since you rocked our world with your lively spirit and your tenacity to fight through all your health issues. You still have that lively spirit and fight in you- I see it every single day. 

Being your mom has been the hardest and absolute best experience of my life. Between your early heart struggles and now your allergies, there has been a constant battle with you.

But the thing I admire most about you, and the thing I’ve learned the most from you, is to be tough and keep on fighting with a smile on our faces. Even through all your pain and struggles you have always, always been extremely happy and easy-going. Honestly, it is hard to even believe you HAVE had so many struggles because you are the happiest kid on the planet. I am so thankful that you have taught me to keep smiling and keep fighting- I needed that reminder a lot over the past two years.

Your laughter is so contagious and you are quite the little comedian. You can be painfully serious and then burst into giggle fits within seconds. I think you are going to end up having a dry sense of humor one day. You keep all that know you laughing, because you really are quite hilarious.

Tonight you let me rock you for a minute before bed and tears trickled down my cheeks as I thought about all the times I’ve rocked you the past two years. I loved rocking you as an infant and holding you close because it felt safer, like I was protecting you and your heart from any harm. I absolutely cherished the snuggles and rocking and love I got with you when you were in the hospital getting stronger for surgery. That was such a precious time for me. I loved rocking you to sooth you all those nights that your tummy was hurting. It was incredibly hard to be up all night but I still loved being the one who soothed you. And now I still love rocking you when you will let me because I can already see the time is drawing near when you won’t want me to rock you anymore. It breaks my heart but I also love that you are so fiercely independent. 

Ryder, you are just so precious to me. I cherish you more than you could ever know. Being your momma (and Rory’s) has been my biggest blessing in life. I can’t wait to see how you grow this year and all the years after. I love you so very much my giggly girl. You really are my sunshine.

Love, Momma


We have had a crazy busy week! And I have become quite the blog slacker! And I can’t stop with the exclamation marks! None of this is exciting enough for exclamation marks!

Monday was Memorial Day and we had some family over for the day. The kids swam, the guys (and me too but I don’t want to talk about how terrible I was) played washers (or warshers if you are extra special), we ate and ate and ate, and we talked and talked and talked. It was a great day and I loved having everyone at our house for the first time!

Also, I got no pictures. Fail.

Tuesday was my “day off” aka Mother’s Day Out. I prepped some furniture, ate with my Tuesday lunch girls, and then decided I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls start to finish. Again.

Basically, I was REAL productive.

On Wednesday we had our first pool playdate of the summer! It was so much fun and all the kids were so good and had a blast!

960228_10100675184481946_1814730813_n 931400_10100675227086566_1907662346_n

Bought a house with a pool and suddenly I’m the most popular person in Savannah.

HAAA! kidding! I’m so excited to have a fun summer with friends over all the time!

Yesterday was Ryder’s last Thursday at school (they are going just Tuesdays in June) so I decided to take advantage of it and have a Rory Fun Day! This time we drove to Memphis and met some friends at the zoo! Next time we meet up we will have to do something that Wilder and Rory can actually play together and interact more!


Rory was so sweet the whole day. She was so excited and loved every second of the day and so did I! I love getting some one on one time with her.

We got home and Rory was determined she was going to swim. This girl is seriously A FISH. She has gotten really good in the water too. She saw some big kids swimming with their faces in the water so now she swims with hers in there too. Its so cute.


Now let’s discuss something here.

Ryder is KILLING ME with her eating.

I know, I know… what’s new?

But people, this is the TOTAL OPPOSITE problem we had when she was a baby and wouldn’t eat.

Now I can’t get enough in her.

(this is not a complaint, I just want y’all to know about the craziness of it)

Every single day she wakes up yelling, “Momma! Sausage! Waffles! Mommaaaa! Waffles! Sausage!”.

What am I?! Chopped liver?! Can I get a “Momma! Good Morning! I love you! You are the best mother who ever walked this earth! I can’t wait to spend the day NOT getting into trouble with you!” ?????????!!!!

So this morning Rory opted to eat cereal and Ryder, obviously, wanted WAFFLES.

She then proceeded to eat three waffles, about a cup of strawberries, and a sausage patty. Oh, yes she did.

Then about thirty minutes later, she came to me and said, “Momma! Snack! Snack peeease!”

Insert the “excuse me????” mom-face.

That is why we shall forever call her The Piraña.


I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m scared of those teeth just about as bad as a real life piraña’s teeth. For Reals.

Have a great weekend!

a Wednesday post

I’m having one of those days/weeks where my children are making me crazy because no matter what I do or they do NOTHING IS GOOD ENOUGH.

Or they are just mad at the world for reasons I’ll never understand.

Like, for example, this morning they cried/yelled/screamed for 15 minutes because they kept standing on legos and OH GUESS WHAT IT FREAKING HURTS. But alas, they must try yet again to stand on the legos.

I’m praying common sense comes with age.

Rory is once again refusing to poop in the potty.

Which isn’t making me crazy AT ALL.

Also, the flu outbreak of 2012 is insane. Schools in TN are shutting down for a week and now I’m scared out of my mind that the girls will get it. Ryder’s school has had like 15 or more cases of the flu. So far, I haven’t heard of any for Rory’s school.

So since next week we leave for vacation, I’ve decided to keep Ryder home. I’m not gonna lie, it totally makes me crazy that I don’t get my day and yet I’m still paying for it. BUT turns out, it was a DELIGHTFUL day. Seriously. Having just one was so easy. And Ryder is one of those children who just plays so well by themselves. She played with her baby dolls the entire day and I barely heard a single peep from her.

And then we went to get Rory.

Apparently Ryder realized what she was missing not being a single child.

She has fussed NON STOP at Rory since. Its been… not so delightful.

Despite all the non-delightfulness, I did manage to get a really cute video of the girls. I realized the other day that I haven’t done as well of a job videoing Ryder talking like I did Rory every few months. So I got some video of the girls talking about Santa and what they want for Christmas and some of Ryder talking. And there is a bonus hilarious (albeit gross) ending.

Okay and let’s talk about this whole Santa business.

Yes, we do Santa. We both grew up with Santa and it’s fun.

So here’s a brilliant idea for everyone- the Santa people and non-Santa people:

How about we all do what we want to do AND STOP CARING ABOUT WHO IS DOING SANTA AND WHO ISN’T!!!!! Why does it bother people that I DO Santa and why does it bother people when others DON’T do Santa?! WHO CARES!

Ok. Sorry. I’ve just heard so much judgmental crap about this whole ordeal from both sides and PS PEOPLE- BEING JUDGMENTAL IS WAY MORE ANTI-CHRISTMAS/CHRIST THAN SANTA IS!


Maybe I’m just in a mood too. I blame the moody children, not being able to send them to MDO that I’m still paying for, and no sleep.

Aren’t you glad you decided to read this amazing blog today???

You’re welcome.

Let’s end on a happy note.

Today should mark the end of Andy’s crazy work schedule for now. Please, Lord, let it be so because we are both so exhausted.

Also, Rory and Ryder have learned to be animals. Like they pretend the are cats or dogs. Rory licked Ryder ONE time and they both laughed so hard.

Problem is, this gave Ryder an idea, and she is now licking Rory ALL THE TIME just to make her mad. She will run up to Rory, lick her across the face/head/arm/foot/wherever and then run away as fast as she possibly can. It is hysterical. Rory doesn’t always think so, and it is a little gross, but I can’t help but crack up every time.

These two girls. They love to love each other and they love to annoy each other all at the same time. Isn’t that the definition of sisters?!

a Tuesday post.

Well, folks, it was bound to happen sometime. I officially have my first bout with the “Tennessee Crud” since being back in Tennessee. I used to get it every year and haven’t had it in a while so I knew it’d happen sometime. Just would prefer it not be before Thanksgiving!

Not a whole lot has been going on in the last week, just a whole lot of being at home.

Although, with my two stinkers, being at home is never dull.

On Friday I was feeling the first wave of crud and decided to take some sinus medicine. You may not know this about me, but I’m not a good medicine taker. Even Tylenol makes me tired at times.

So I decided since the girls were playing so well together, I’d rest on the couch and take a little cat nap.

All of a sudden Rory runs in saying, “Mommy! Ryder got a shooooo weeeeee diaper! I change her diaper! See!”, and hands me a dirty diaper. I fly up off the couch in full panic mode and am looking for total disaster. But, I found nothing. Ryder had a clean diaper on, pretty much perfectly put on, and there was no evidence of the deed anywhere.

Call me crazy, but Rory is little miss genius! She changed Ryder’s diaper, using about 1000 wipes, without a trace of evidence anything ever happened.

Maybe this should be her new chore???

I never ever get on my computer during the day while the girls are awake because well, hello they get into enough trouble when I’m paying attention, but yesterday I decided to work on a project while they played together in their playroom.

We put up a “tent” in their playroom this weekend- it’s basically a huge blanket draped across part of the room and hangs down to the ground.

Well, Rory has decided it is a shower curtain. Apparently, when she stayed with my parents she went into my moms’ bathroom when she was in the shower and my mom would say, “AHHH! I’m in the shower!”, or something like that.

So, I hear Rory in there shrieking, “AHHH! RYDER! I’m in the shower! Get out!”. And then they would giggle, giggle, giggle. I would laugh every time I heard them because she sounded just like my mom and it was hilarious.

So I’m working and all of a sudden in prances little miss Ryder naked as a jay bird.


Not a stitch of clothing on.

Actually, she did have a purse.

So I’m panicking thinking there is probably a puddle of pee somewhere, when Rory runs in naked as a jaybird as well. I, naturally, say, “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!! WHERE ARE YOU CLOTHES?!”, and Rory calmly explains, “Well, mom, we were in the shower! You can’t have clothes on in the shower!”. Or in other words, “DUH MOM!”.

Fortunately, there were no puddles. But oh the weeping and gnashing of teeth when Ryder had to put her clothes back on. She hadn’t experienced such freedom so she wasn’t about to give it up without a fight.

These are the days of my life.

I thought I’d share some things the girls are saying and doing so I could remember.

Ryder is 16 months old now, the same exact age Rory was when she was born which blows my mind. Ryder is so smart, like her sister, and is really starting to pick up on talking and doing everything 16 month olds do.

She is seriously the sweetest, most precious little mess ever. She’s quieter than Rory ever was, mainly because Rory has such a huge vocabulary that blows your mind, but she is still just a spunky and stinkerish. When SHE wants to, she gives THE BEST hugs in the entire world. She will just about strangle you when she’s hugging. It is the sweetest thing.

She is THE BEST sleeper. She sleeps 8-7 pretty consistently. Some days she wakes up earlier, but she almost always sleeps all night without a peep.

But let me tell you, if girlfriend is hungry, it doesn’t matter what time it is, she is getting up and eating. Somehow she became obsessed with pop tarts and since she has eating issues I just gave them to her. We have heard numerous times, “MOMMA! DADDYYY! POP PART!”, coming from her room more times than we’d like to count. Its pretty hilarious though!

And if you can’t tell, Ryder is quite the demanding child. She walks and talks with purpose. There is no half way with this girl. If she is walking somewhere, she is going with purpose, or if she says something, she means it. She’s just so funny and such a joy.

And then there is Rory.

The most fun-loving, joyful, imaginative, and intelligent 2 year old ever.

She is really at such a fun age. Yes, she’s still doing the “terrible 2” thing a lot, but she’s starting to really grow out of that lately. She’s all of a sudden completely attached to her momma and she barely leaves my side.

She still loves to sing and dance. We have concerts and dance parties all day long.

To Rory, everything has an explanation. When you ask her a question, it is rare that you get just a simple answer. Usually, she will say to ANY question, “Wellllll you see…”, and then go into a long explanation or story, when really she just needed to say yes or no. We get so tickled about this.

Another thing she does so much is make up huge stories. This weekend she went fishing at Andy’s parents’ house and, according to her, she caught a HUGE FISH but had to throw him back. And then an alligator came and chomped that fish away!

And let me tell you, if you didn’t know it, you’d believe her because her stories are elaborate and she never strays from them. Ha!

Anytime I fix her hair she says, “Oh! Thank you, Mom! I ‘punzel now!”. She still LOVES the movie Tangled and always pretends she is Rapunzel. She loves Cinderella too.

This week she said to me, “Mommy, what’s your name? Your name Tiff-my, Mom, and Babe, right?”, and I just laughed and laughed. She still calls me “babe”, especially when she is in trouble. HA!

Rory is THE BEST big sister. She is so protective and mostly sweet to Ryder. She is always looking out for her and “helping” her do things. Ryder is so extremely independent so it makes her crazy, but Rory really has taken such a sweet big sister role. The wrestle and love on each other and HATE to be apart. I knew they’d be close, but never imagined they’d already be so inseparable and close. It is the most amazing thing to watch and see develop. Oh, how it blesses me to know they will ALWAYS have a very best friend right here at home.

Hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving week!

It is hard to believe that this time last year we were still in SUCH hard spot. Ryder was coming off of heart surgery, and was having so many stomach issues and we had no idea what was going on. She cried ALL THE TIME and Rory fed off of that and cried all the time too. It was so stressful and hard and in the midst, I didn’t know how I’d make it through.

And then here I am, a year later, having a hard time believing how far we have come. God has been so good to us. He carried us through the toughest year. He didn’t just carry us through, He blessed us with children who are just delights. Sure, they are kids who are strong willed and can make me crazy, but you’d never know the troubles we had now. They are growing and flourishing into the sweetest, most loving children.

I am so blessed and so thankful. Thankful that we went through those hard times and that now we are in a time of fun.


in case you missed it.

This morning I took the kids to school (hallelujah!), came home and immediately put my most comfy pj’s back on, and settled in on the couch for some mega relaxation for a little bit before I had to actually do some housework.

I had no idea my life was about to change forever.


You see, I check facebook and someone had left me a message saying they had just seen my kids on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael.

Now, we all know how much I LOOOOVE this show. I remember watching when I was a little girl every chance I could when it was Regis and Kathie Lee. When Regis left, I didn’t know if I could continue to watch it because he’s pretty much my most favorite person ever. (No, I’ve never met him, but I still feel this way.) But, alas, I continued to watch and was pleasantly surprised when Kelly chose Michael. I think they are great together!

Anyways! Back to the point!

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram and shared it on Twitter of Rory and Ryder watching Live’s Halloween show. It is always a highlight of my year, so I was simply sharing the pleasure with my children.

And they were MESMERIZED. Rory laughed, Ryder stared in wonder (and a little bit of horror? All I gotta say is Art in a dress. HA!).

I anxiously awaited to see them on TV and starting FREAKING OUT because I remembered that the picture shows the girls’ with bed heads and a messy house. I totally would have deep cleaned hid the mess out of camera shot and brushed their hair had I of known they’d be on TV today!

So here’s the famous clip! Enjoy all 2 seconds of it! HA!

I mean, the power of social media is amazing!


I shall live in the light of my famous children all day.

Think that excuses me from cleaning, cooking, and all other responsibilities today?

I mean! My kids are famous! Surely that means I don’t have to do anything? The mess in the picture can wait until tomorrow, right???

Happy Election Day! Get out and VOTE!