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where oh where could my baby be?

I’m feeling the 90’s music today.

This has been an interesting week in our house.

Rory has decided, as of Sunday, that she does not want her bottle anymore. And I mean she gets totally ticked off if you even show it to her.

So she has officially weaned herself off the bottle.

And I should be elated that it was just so easy, but I am actually a tad bit sad because my baby girl is getting big way too fast.

But then again, I really am happy that I never have to wash bottles again…

well, for six months anyway. HA!

Oh and she also officially hates her pacifier now as well.

This morning Rory and I just played and played. She is just so much fun now. I love that she loves to play by herself and can entertain herself for sometimes hours.

I started taking pictures and man was she cheesing and showing off today!

She loves to try and climb on this and well, everything else. I definitely have a climber on my hands!

and she LOVES to play “peak-a-boo” through the window.

She also is a trouble maker these days.

“What, Mom?! I’m not doing anything wrong- I’m only touching it with one hand!”

“Maybe if I smile and look cute she won’t get onto me…”

Speaking of climbing. Did I tell y’all she climbed the fireplace the other day?

I almost had a heart attack.

One last cheesy picture for good measure…

I gotta say- this kid is CUTE! 🙂

And these pictures just confirm that she just seems to be so big all of a sudden!

In other news- I went to the doctor for Baby Harris #2 today and everything was just great! The heartbeat was in the low 150s and very strong. In a little less than a month we will be finding out if BH #2 is a boy or a girl! So excited!


… like a BIG surprise…

Rory is already planning all the trouble these two are going to get into together…

and I bet she’s also planning on all the silly times they’ll have together…

That’s right, folks! Rory will be a big sister in July!

Today it was confirmed by the doctor via ultrasound.

Who else is shocked/scared/surprised?!!! ha!

If there is one thing I’ve learned this year its that God LOVES to show me that HE has a plan way better than any of my plans.


And I’ve also learned to take notice to the warnings on antibiotics.

(thanks Paris Baby for the oh-so-cute tshirt!)