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We have had such a jammed packed few days I feel like I can’t quite come up for air.

10896967_10101534510306106_1846083237356787857_nLast week Rory had some visitors (Andy’s parents) for her first of many birthday celebrations. She knows how to do her birthday – dragging it on as long as possible. She gets this from her momma. They enjoyed hours of fun at ChuckECheese and are still talking about how fun it was.



Last week I went to the gym every day- shocking, I know. Come Sunday I was SO DANG TIRED. I took Sunday off and should have gone last night but didn’t. I’ll tell more about that in a minute. The point I’m making is, I feel so good. Getting back to working out has been so good. I’ve attempted getting back in the gym several times but always at gyms that didn’t offer what I needed. We now go to a gym with childcare and SO MANY classes to go to. We absolutely love it. I’ve tried Tabata, Zumba (of course), LIFT (my favorite so far), and a few others. The girls love going too which ends up keeping me accountable since they ask all the time if we can go to the Y. Bonus is that I’ve met a few friends here that go to the same gym and they meet up for the classes. It is so much better going with friends!

I also went to a “moms club” meeting last week and met a few nice ladies. It is always strange to put yourself out there like that and go to these things, but my only new years resolution was to make a friend. ha!

This past weekend was full to the brim too. Friday night I went to Chattanooga to spend some money at Ulta with my 20% off coupon. I met my future sister-in-law, Victoria, and we had a great time. I couldn’t have picked a better match for Andy’s brother, Austin, even if I tried.

Saturday was filled with going to the gym, driving around for about two hours looking at houses (our favorite pastime as of late), and then heading to GA for dinner with my Aunt Patrice. It was just the best day! The girls had so much fun and so did I.


Sunday we went to church and let me just tell y’all, our pastor has been doing a series on forgiveness and it has been the best series. I feel so encouraged and so much lighter after realizing I was holding on to some unforgiveness I didn’t even know about until my eyes were opened through the series. We have also been trying a new SS class and *fingers crossed* I think we may have found “the one”.

Sunday afternoon I went to Chattanooga again to meet Victoria and two of her bridesmaids for her to try on some dresses. Y’all, it made me so nostalgic watching all these women try on dresses for their wedding days. And then when Victoria came out in all of her dresses she was trying it was hard not to weep a little. I’m just so happy for them and am so glad Austin found her. We can all see how much he loves her and seeing that after knowing him since he was in elementary school is just so amazing. We can’t wait to celebrate them throughout the next year leading up to their wedding.



Sunday night we went to a Super Bowl party with the SS class we have been attending. I will say again, it is so dang hard to put yourself out there and go to these things. Andy isn’t much of a socializer either so I feel like I have to put on the brave face and make sure he is having a good time too. Luckily this was the perfect time to try out a social function because Andy just sat in a room with the guys watching the game and didn’t need any help with that. ha! We both had a really great time. The girls had a blast and I’m happy to report there was only one touchy time when Ryder decided to chunk a toy stroller down the stairs at her sister. They both thought it was hilarious and all the moms ran and had heart attacks thinking someone had fallen down the stairs. It took me about 20 minute to recover.

Yesterday was a really big day for our house.

Ryder started PreK3.


*sob wail sob*

I can’t believe how hard it was for me to send her back to school. We have just had the best time in the mornings this year and I was sad to see that go.

She went into school like it was no big deal. She wouldn’t even tell me goodbye. RIDICULOUS. She came home with RAVE reviews….. about the food. HA. So typical of our little food lover. She couldn’t get over the food. She talked about it all night long. She also made a little groundhog and was so proud of it. I think school is going to be great for her like it is for Rory. I can’t say enough how blessed we were to find this school. It has been the absolute perfect fit for Rory and hopefully it will be the same for Ryder.

I’m also excited to have the mornings to myself to blog, vlog, and keep the house on a better cleaning schedule.

Last night Andy and I cooked for five solid hours because we are trying this 21 freezer meals for $150 at Aldi. (It ended up being $180ish) I will keep y’all posted on how it goes.

But let me say this. I AM NOT A FAN OF THE PREP. We were both hurting from standing over the counter and cutting/cooking/mixing/etc etc etc last night. Also- FOUR LOADS OF DISHES. I can’t even deal with that. But when I have to just pop in a dish every day with no prep I’m going to be so dang happy!

This week is going to be fun too- today a longtime friend is coming for a visit and tomorrow I’m going to be getting my hair done. Which is A BIG STINKIN’ DEAL. Any suggestions on what I should do?

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