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the case of the stick-up hair

Its that time of year again.

Andy’s “annual” outage.

Excuse me, but you guys are engineers- don’t you understand that if you have more than one annual outage, it is NOT to be called annual anymore?!

Anyway. I am a single parent for the week.Yippee!

So what did we do this weekend?

A whole lot of this:

We took a two hour nap on Friday afternoon- all three of us. And on Saturday we all took at least an hour and a half long nap. Andy worked Sunday.

Now it is time for me to explain why I decided to do Rory’s hair like this:

Stinker’s hair is getting thicker by the day and instead of laying down nicely it has decided to do this:

So since it wants to stick up so grandly, I decided to make it cute and put a bow in it.

Its marvelous!

Just FYI- Rory decided she doesn’t like crawling as much as she likes rolling. Sorry to disappoint. Soon she’ll be all over the place though, I’m sure!

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