Rory Eve, Ryder Amelia

car rides and a change of clothes

This weekend our friends, Julie and Stephen, brought us dinner and came over for a bit. They have a 10 month old, Grady, and him and Rory are BFFs of course.

While they were here Rory and Grady took a little ride together.

Aren’t they cute?!

I tried really hard to get a good picture of Ryder and Rory together this weekend. I failed. I only got one picture out of about 1000000000.

Doesn’t Ryder look cute in her little outfit?

Well we’ve had our typical crazy Monday around here. Rory has been playing and making a mess out of the house and Ryder has been eating and sleeping. Just the usual.

Today Rory went into her room and ran out a few minutes later, butt naked and with a whole new outfit in hand. When we move to the new house and have our new huge playroom I’m going to get her a thing of dress up clothes.

Anyways. After putting on her outfit she went back into her room and I heard the drawers opening and shutting. I got my camera to go observe and this is what I found.

Typical. Trying to look extra cute when she’s caught so she can get away with it…

and then she starts doing this kiss face that no one can resist.

She’s a smart one.

“All I want is a kiss, Mommy!”


And can someone please tell me why my child is so weird and LOVES to chew/suck on baby wipes????? Its disturbing.

Please don’t judge the state of my house… try feeding a baby while the stinker is getting into all kinds of shenanigans. You wouldn’t clean much either.

Oh, sister love. Poor Ryder can’t even enjoy a good swing without sister trying to poke or kiss her. She’ll learn to love it. HA!

Okay! Time for a little nap so I can make it through the rest of the day!


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2 thoughts on “car rides and a change of clothes

  1. These are so cute. Now you will have to admit Rory is loveable. Ryder is precious. When you move in your new house if you have room in Rory’s closet maybe you should put her dresser drawers in there, ha.

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