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We had a wonderful time in California over the first five days in July! The weather was absolutely perfect and it was so gorgeous over on the west coast! I put pictures up on the “pictures page” (tab at the top of the page). Enjoy!

I had my second doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. It went really well and everything is still fine. I got to see my new doctor (the old one is leaving) and I really loved her. We have an ultrasound the first of August and Andy will be able to come to it!

I’d like to say a big CONGRATS! to my sister-in-law, Ashley on her engagement! We are so excited for her and Drew and can’t wait to enjoy the wedding sometime next spring. (Ashley, the baby told me he/she is excited about coming too! haha!)

I am currently trying to plan a “babymoon” for Andy and I to go on before the baby gets here. I thought I’d have a hard time talking into Andy this, but he jumped right on the idea. We’re thinking of going somewhere in the Caribbean for a four day weekend or something. We’re going to use that as our Christmas gift too. Neither one of us want or need a thing so I’d rather just take a trip and buy stuff for the baby instead at Christmas. 

Lately, and probably a lot because of the miracle of this little baby growing inside me (so weird!), I have been feeling so beyond blessed. When I think about how our life has progressed along these past five years, I cannot help but feel so overwhelmed with thankfulness of how our lives have been blessed. God has always provided for us and has had such good timing with everything in our lives. Andy and I always said we wouldn’t think about having a baby until we were married five years because we wanted at least five to enjoy together before having a baby. Well, how funny that the week after our fifth anniversary we find out we’re expecting! Just one of those things that makes you know God is always in control, and as they say, has a sense of humor!

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  1. When is your due date? Can you believe that Will is already 9 months old!

    We are going to be in Louisiana sometime at the end of August – in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area. Is that anywhere near you?

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