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butternut squash

Yesterday was a hard day for us. I’ve been fighting a migraine for three days and after we got home from the doctor Rory started running a low grade fever. She was so pitiful. We snuggled on the couch all afternoon.

This morning she woke up laughing! I kept hearing this noise and so I went to check on her and she’s laying there giggling. She’s been so happy all morning and its been great.

At the doctor yesterday I got the go ahead to start feeding her stage one foods. How can it be?! How is my baby already at this stage?! I cried just a little when we bought the baby food at WalMart for the first time. Just a little….

So we’ve tried some butternut squash!

waiting for the review…


She loved it. She’s eaten it four times now and she eats all that I will give her. Last night she ate a whole jar!

Well we all know she loves her excersaucer. Now she loves to look at herself in the mirror and talk to herself. Its hilarious. Yesterday I caught her grabbing the mirror and trying to kiss it. Of course I couldn’t get to my camera in time. Here’s a couple of cute pics of her playing.

checking herself out

I do believe she’s telling herself something… look at that hand, ha!

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4 thoughts on “butternut squash

  1. My wife is the best BLOGGER ever!!! I get to see new pictures of Rory everyday at work!

    Also, I tried the butternut squash – Not my favorite!

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