Everyday Life, Rory Eve

busy, busy, busy

Three weeks ago I was just a stay at home mom of little Rory, having all day long snuggle parties and taking care of the house.

And it seems like a lifetime ago. Somehow I went from SAHM – sometimes not even leaving the house for days – to being a busy “working” mom. Now I know two days a week does not count as working mother status, but I haven’t worked in a while. Also, I have acquired a few other “jobs”, if you will.

A neighbor and fellow church member called me last week, desperate for someone to help her out with her sweet little boy, Samuel. She runs a bus route and needed someone to keep him for that short time. And because I know what its like to be in a bind and desperate for some help, of course I said I’d do it! I’ll be bringing him home from MDO on Tuesdays and Thursdays and keeping him a short while on Wednesdays and Fridays. Rory is going to have fun! (Side note: I realized during the monsoon that happened while I was trying to get both Rory and Samuel in the car yesterday, that I am in fact not ready for another child, ha!)

I’m also going to be on the leadership team for MOPS at church starting this Friday.

Wait… am I becoming (gasp) a soccer-ish type Mom?!

I am exhausted, but loving it.

And here is a daily dose of Rory for your pleasure.

Her new favorite game these days is trying to open the cabinets.

I think she’s trying to tell you somethin’…

“bye, bye, bye” wave

(p.s. if you look real close you can see her teeth)

favorite hobby = chewing

oh that little face

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3 thoughts on “busy, busy, busy

  1. Whew! I find myself in that same situation this Fall. Working 2 days a week, table leader at MOPS, Sunday school teacher, mom – is there anything else?!?! You will LOVE MOPS – we had our second meeting today and I already love it.

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