busy bee, goodbyes, and baby love

Well I’ve been extremely absent on the blogging front. There are many reasons why. For starters, I feel AWFUL. All. the. time. So there’s that. I’m also extremely exhausted. And I’ve been so busy with work and other holiday projects.

And I’m extremely busy with the little stinker who never stops moving. I wanted to get some pictures of her the other day and she just was not having it. So I just got my camera out and started shooting. Now I can demonstrate my day and how busy little miss is. These are in order in which I took them in a span of about 5 minutes.

oh dang. could’ve been a great shot.

this is how she feels about sitting still for a picture…

I have approximately 37 shots like this.

and like this…

oh wait! I got one!

and we’re back on the move

found a book and is trying to get the paper off

but then Jersey distracted me so I had to go say “hi”.

and now I need a nap.


Anyways, you get the picture! Rory is BUSY!

In other news, one of my very best friends here in Paris and my go-to person for mom advice, Rachel, is moving next week. I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am. Here is our last picture as a Sunday School class with them:

(From top left: Andy, Daniel, Dr. Strom, John, Stephanie, Julie; bottom left: Rory, myself, Rachel, Kelly, Benjamin, Stephen, Grady, and Sandra.)

I am especially sad because Benjamin and Rory love eachother.

Which was clearly demonstrated at their first candle light dinner together on Sunday.

and here again on the couch together… snuggling.

they are SO interested in eachother.

and of course, what would be a group baby shot without Baby Grady?!

Benjamin is clearly loving the two babies on him. CLEARLY.

So Rachel, I’m warning you- Rory and I will be a sobbing mess when we have to say our final goodbye on Sunday. Okay. I can’t even talk about it anymore. I’m crying already!

Tomorrow is our 1st ever family Christmas together! I heard a rumor that Santa is coming into Paris for a quick stop tonight. Can’t wait to see if he comes to our house! šŸ˜‰

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4 thoughts on “busy bee, goodbyes, and baby love

  1. I know how you feel! I remember those days of pure exhaustation just to look at the clock and see that it is only 10:00 am!! It will be over so quickly, though. Looks like Rory’s hair might be curling up! How cute!

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