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borderline hermit

You know that your life is bordering on pathetic / hermit when you are so excited about ALL OF THE NEW SEASONS AND SHOWS coming on during premiere week.

Let me rephrase.

My friends are back! Rayna and Deacon and Juliette! Meredith and Derek! Nick and Jess and Schmidt!


And then ALL THE NEW SHOWS. I’m so pumped about How To Get Away With Murder, Black-ish, and we really liked Gotham!

Seriously. This is a problem. I’m so excited about all the premiers the next two nights I am BESIDE MYSELF.

In other news, I need a friend.

Or an intervention.

Andy and I joined the Y here and we are all loving it. The girls have a ton of fun and all the machines have TVs so I just watch a show while on the treadmill or bike. I plan to watch Survivor at the gym tonight. Nothing motivates you to be skinnier than watching Jeff Probst yell “YOU GOTTA DIG”, am I right?!

Ryder is getting awfully attached now that she is home full time. I tried to go to the gym this morning with her and she screamed as if she had been stabbed because Rory wasn’t with her. Bless it.

I tell her every single day all she has to do is go potty and wear underwear. Every single day she says, “What day is it?” and I reply with whatever day of the week. Then she says, “Okay, today is Tuesday, I wear panties on Friday.”

The problem is, Friday always comes and she will then say, “Okay I wear panties on Monday.” and this going on and on and on.

There are two reasons I’m not killing myself to train her. 1) I honestly do not think she is ready yet. I know she is 3 which is apparently the universal cut off for diapers. But you know what? Ryder had a late start on life and there are some areas where she just isn’t there yet and potty-ing is one of them. She literally just doesn’t get it. She will soon, I can see her getting there. I’m just not going to kill myself or her because everyone on earth thinks it is shameful she is 3 and still in diapers. 2) I can’t afford another kid in preschool, HA! No but for real. Even if she does go on the potty we have decided to save the money in that area toward a home here in Cleveland.

I am actually really enjoying her being home with me in the mornings. She wants to play alone all morning which is wonderful because I can get so much done. In fact, she almost always comes home from dropping off Rory and goes to her room and shuts the door. I go in there all the time and she will say, “Moooom please shut that door I am playing!”

But then…

When the Mickey Mouse hot dog song comes on at the end of the the show I hear, “MOM! MOM! WANT TO COME DANCE WITH ME?!!!!!!!” And y’all I MELT INTO A PUDDLE. It might be the sweetest thing on the face of the earth. I go in there and we dance and sing that silly little song and I hold back tears every time. It makes me want to sob thinking I won’t be able to do this forever. Because even though I step over the same child because she is throwing a fit, I also cherish every snuggle and hug and kiss and Hot Dog Dance.

Rory is still LOVING school. I’ve never seen anything like it, y’all. She gets up every morning READY for school. There is no fighting it, no fighting getting ready, nothing. It is such a delight to see her so excited every day. Rory is just soaking up ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE too. She is on the verge of reading and writing and it is so fun to see. She is like a little sponge, ready to soak up any info you could possibly give her. I’m so thankful God placed us here and at this school at just the right time.

They are doing a color thing at her school where Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they wear a certain color. Rory is in her element picking out all the clothes for the days.


Hopefully y’all didn’t expire from boredom from this post. Sometimes I just gotta write down some things I want to always remember before I forget.

Happy Wednesday!10678662_10101323639557776_6781529053459499333_n



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