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Book Review: Trust Your Eyes

Thomas Kilbride is a map-obsessed schizophrenic who spends almost his entire day (besides bathroom and meal breaks) memorizing the streets of cities without ever leaving his home. He uses a site called Whirl360, much like our Google Earth, and is convinced that he is doing this as his job for the CIA because of a big disaster that is going to happen that will wipe out all the maps in the world.

Then, one day he stumbles upon what he thinks is a woman getting murdered in a window in New York City. What follows as they try to solve this mystery is a mixture of political conspiracy, kidnapping, murder, and more.


I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t read many thriller novels in my day. Sure, a few books I’ve read had a few twists in them that would make them more “thrilling”, if you will, but I haven’t actually picked up a real suspense/thriller to read.

So when I received my copy of Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay, I was a little hesitant to start it and honestly wasn’t looking forward to it.

And man, was I pleasantly surprised. This book was so much better than I expected. Once I started this book it was hard to put down. The first few chapters were a little slow, but once you get a fourth to half way into it you can’t stop reading. I read it over 3 days and it was definitely an easy read. Honestly, I think the book would make a terrific movie.

I definitely recommend this book, but I do want to say that it does have some crude language and “scenes” in it. Just a warning if you do pick it up (note: my mom and aunts! ha)!

This is a paid review by BlogHer Book Club, and as always, the opinions are strictly my own.


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