Most of you know that our little family (minus Andy) has a love for blankies.

I’m not going to lie- I had a blankie that I slept with until I got married. And I was for real depressed I had to give it up. I’m also not going to lie and say I threw it away. Anytime Andy is out of town blankie comes down out of his special place in the closet and sleeps with me. HAHA!


It seems as though my dear girls have adopted my blankie love. Rory has one and Ryder has one and they are in love with them and its stressful to think I could lose it or ruin it. Especially Ryder’s because hers was hand made by someone for the heart unit children and it is OH SO SPECIAL to us.

Well a friend of mine, Sarah, sent me a blanket for Ryder and y’all, it is DIVINE.

The blanket is so soft and warm, but thin so not too hot. And she crochets the edges and gives it just the right touch to make it extra special. I am IN LOVE. I want one for myself!

And even better- my girls FREAKED OUT when I showed them. They were playing tug of war and fighting over who was going to get it. I actually had to take it away and make them take turns. That is love, y’all.

I’m going to be honest and say that I was a little worried they’d reject it because they are SO IN LOVE with their own blankies. When you have a blankie you are picky when it comes to these things… believe me, I know! ha! But these girls can’t get enough of it!

And as you can see, its truly the perfect size. Its thin like a receiving blanket but so much bigger which is perfect!

So, I say all of this because….

We are giving one away!

I asked Sarah to tell a little about herself and her new boutique called the 585 boutique:

I come from a very crafty and talented family – crocheting, painting, basket making. Luckily, I inherited some of that craftiness! The idea for these blankets came when I was pregnant with my daughter and realized that I didn’t really like any store-bought receiving blankets. They were just way too small and not very cute at all. My mom started making the edged blankets for my daughter. They were wonderfully huge and absolutely beautiful! I saw them and knew I could make them too! I picked up the hobby and have been making them since then!

These blankets are seriously the best receiving blankets you’ll find! They are so super soft and come in such cute designs! Best of all, they are completely customizable – size, color of edging, and look of edging.The standard size is approximately 36×42 inches and the blankets will get softer each time you wash them. They are great for swaddling infants, and are awesome snuggle blankets when your child gets older. I’ve found that they make incredible baby shower gifts because they are wonderfully unique. You can have something handmade without it being the “heirloom” quality that you don’t want to use for fear of ruining it.

In addition to these blankets, I make a variety of other items for little ones – flannel “rag style” burp cloths – which can be made to match a receiving blanket, crocheted hats and scarves, and occasionally a baby afghan. I will also be launching the applique and monogram side of my business by the end of the month. I am always up for custom orders!


Here’s how it works:

Go to the 585 boutique facebook page and “like” it. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did.

For a second chance to win, go to the facebook page and tell her what your favorite blanket is and then come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite print as well!

If you have any questions, please let me know! The giveaway will end this Friday (6/15 at 5:00pm). I will select a winner by a random number generator and announce the winner Friday night!

Happy Giveaway!

PS: Sarah is also doing a giveaway on her Facebook page when she gets 150 likes! So you REALLY have THREE chances to win! WOOT!

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27 thoughts on “blankies.

  1. Oh and I like the frog-print custom order she’s working on because I have a boy but I really also like some of her florals for my girls wishes some day. Cooper loves blankies so far.

  2. It was really hard to choose a fave, but I picked this one – White background with butterfly and flower designs.

  3. It was a hard choice, but I think the multi-colored hearts (WITH GLITTER!!) is my favorite. I love glitter 🙂

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