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What a wonderful birthday! Andy outdid himself this year!

He got me the most perfect for me gifts! He got me Super Mario Galaxy 2, an eReader (hello, this is seriously the best gift EVER!), and got flowers delivered to me. All of it is so great and I am so impressed by how thoughtful he was!

P.S. The eReader is AMAZING. amazing. Especially for moms. Its so easy to hold with one hand!

Rory and I have snuggled and played all day. She got a bit off schedule last night and woke up from one to about four… and she was ready to play and was soooo happy! Mommy just wanted her sleep! 🙂 oh well! We snuggled and took a nap together this afternoon!

Carly took us to lunch for my birthday and it was so great! We got a free brownie sundae because it was my birthday and it was so darn good!

Tonight, Andy and I went to Shogun which is a hibachi grill here and again, it was so darn good! Rory had fun too!

So it was a great day! All of you that sent me messages and called, thank you so so much. It made me feel so special and loved!

And this little stinker loving on me makes it 930390238 times better too!

her new favorite thing to do is to kiss everyone and everything!

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