Rory Eve

birthday week!

I just honestly can’t believe its The Stinker’s birthday week. Where has this year gone?!

or where has my baby gone???

Sometimes its hard to remember her ever being that small.

This weekend was so crazy. On Friday morning we woke up to this without a clue it’d be this bad…

We were supposed to go to Dallas and obviously weren’t able to. We had already been iced/snowed in all week so we decided to head out to Walmart just to get out of the house. Rory was excited about going somewhere… anywhere… too.

This week is going to be a busy week getting ready for our trip home for Rory’s birthday and also for Andy and I’s trip to NYC. Everything around me seems to be so bittersweet right now. I’m so excited for Rory’s birthday but am so sad that she’s getting to be so big. I’m so excited for our trip but am so sad about leaving her for the first time. Isn’t that how it seems to go sometimes?! This trip couldn’t come at a better time for Andy and I though and we desperately need this time together to be alone and get away from the things around us. I think I’m actually the most excited about getting to go eat wherever and whenever- haha! I swear its almost a daily conversation with Andy that I say, “did we eat lunch/supper today?”, because I am always so busy feeding Rory and making her use her “words” instead of yelling at us the whole time! ha!

But I wouldn’t trade a second spent with her, no matter how hard, for anything in this entire world. I’ve been holding her extra tight the past few days and God has helped with my need for that too. She’s been saying, “mommYYYY”, constantly and has been a total cuddle bug. I’m loving it.

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4 thoughts on “birthday week!

  1. Enjoy every moment because it truly goes by fast. I remember Andy waking me up early one morning when he was about 3 and saying to me ‘Look,Look I can make my eye hop!(He was winking!) Have fun and thanks for sharing those special moments with us.

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