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bipolar mini-people

So. It’s moving week (Friday/Saturday). Which means its also packing week.

Andrew decided to pack the girls’ rooms, their bathroom, and the playroom first.

This has made Rory ANGRY. She told me this morning, “Why daddy pack all my fings?! I need my fings! I need to have a talk with him in the baf-room when he gets home today.”. HA!

We’ve been telling her that we are moving to a new house and she keeps saying she doesn’t want to. So now I’m making grand gestures to make her excited!

“Rory! You get a brand new big girl room!”

“Rory! We have a bigger playroom and all your fun toys will be in there!”

“Rory! You have a brand new shower curtain for your new bathroom!”

Rory: “Mommy, no. I have a house already.”


I’ve also decided to try and help my cause by telling her little “stories” if you will about this new house.

“Rory! Did you know when we move to the new house and you get your new big girl room just for you that you won’t wake up at night anymore?! You will sleep ALL NIGHT LONG! IN YOUR BIG GIRL BED! ALL NIGHT!”

She says, “Oh my word! I sleep all night! I won’t wake up!”. And then I pray to the good Lord above that it will be true.

We have found, yet again, that packing with toddlers is quite counterproductive. We would pack and they would unpack. It was … interesting. Last night I had the best idea ever in my  life- give them crayons to color on the boxes while we pack. Pure genius.

602030_10100573069027136_747111133_nThis entertained them for about 30ish minutes.

Which is HOURS in toddler time.

So all of that has obviously be “fun”.

Last week Rory turned three and I’ve heard over and over and over that three is harder than two and OH MY WORD it couldn’t have been more true last week. She was a complete wreck. Suddenly she was throwing massive hissy fits, being insanely sassy, etc etc etc. I was shocked at how bad her first week of 3 was going.

And to top it off, Ryder has entered the “I’m going to get into everything I possibly can” phase.


But today they have both been absolutely delightful. Yes, stinker-ish, but so much fun.


They are like little bipolar mini-people.

You just never know what you are going to get from one day to another.

This past Friday night we had a concert at our church and I got to work it! I worked the merchandise table for Sanctus Real (and got to work with my friend Haley) and it was so much fun! They were the nicest guys ever. They came up and thanked us for working their table and were so gracious. We felt so important! ha!



Alright! I must get some packing done to stay on Andy’s super strict packing schedule!

He’s running me ragged, y’all! ha!

It is going to be a crazy week but I am SO STINKIN’ EXCITED about the new house! Pics to come very soon!

Happy Monday!

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