“Big Sis” shirts and surviving the first day

Today is my first day alone with both girls and its going much better than I had anticipated! Rory has been really good and sweet to her sister.

Ryder still has her days and nights mixed up, so I’m exhausted, but luckily have been able to  nap today and plan on laying down here in a minute again since both girls are napping.

Yesterday Rory went back to mother’s day out for the first time in two weeks. I was so worried about how she’d do but they said she had a really good day. I’m so relieved! She wore her “Big Sis” shirt that our babysitter, Amy, gave her. Ryder has a “Lil Sis” one to match but its still a bit big.

Little cheeser…

and oh my word. When I saw this picture I literally laughed out loud. Stinker!

Andy had the day off yesterday so he got some extra time with Ryder while Rory was at school. She doesn’t let Andy hold Ryder very much so it was nice for him to be able to have that time before going back to work.

Okay! Off to nap so that I can survive tonight! Hopefully Ryder will get the picture about night and day soon!

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