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big changes coming…

Well to say the very least, we’ve had a whole lot going on the past few weeks. Long story short (will update on another post soon), Andy’s plant here in Pineville is shutting down so we will be moving. It looks like we are getting transfered, and as of today it seems like we will be in Oklahoma. Again, everything is up in the air and when we know something for sure I will update our site with the details! I am just ready to find a new doctor and find a home to bring this little girl home to!

We have had two amazing showers in the past month and we are feeling beyond blessed by all the gifts we have received. Rory is one spoiled little girl already! When everything is settled down I will post some pictures from the showers.

My friend, Lauren Wood, took this picture of me at one of the showers. I am 26 weeks in the picture. She did an amazing job taking pictures and decorating! My friend Jodi hosted it at her house and it was so fun!


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