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behavioral problem

We’ve been having some issues with Ryder’s feedings lately. What’s new, right?!


Her acid reflux hit a whole new level recently and I think she has a milk intolerance. When she eats most of the time she acts like she’s eating fire (stole that phrase from Hannah). She screams to eat and then screams when she eats. So I took her into the doc (because we couldn’t possibly go a whole week without seeing him…) and he said he didn’t see anything more than just mild acid reflux.

And he said that it seems to be a “behavioral problem” with Ryder. She’s pitching fits and acting like she’s in pain when she’s not, basically.

She’s 4 months old? I’m confused? Does it start that early? Am I dumb or does that sound off? Can I hit him in the face a little?


I decided that it won’t hurt anything to switch to the lactose free formula to see if it helps. I will keep you posted.

But really. A behavioral problem.

My kids would NEVER have behavioral problems.

I guess I should explain the above pictures.

You see, Rory and Ryder were being so cute yesterday morning watching Sesame Street together.

(Interruption: Yes, Rory ate a marker/drew all over herself with a marker. Does this surprise anyone?!)

(Interruption two: how hilarious are their faces in this picture)

So, naturally, I decided to try and get some pictures of them in their matching outfits.

I should have abandoned the mission when neither of them would wear the vest that goes with the outfit.

But I am a) dumb and b) a glutton for punishment.

Rory was not interested in any part of the photo taking process.

Can you tell?

I have approximately 9929 pictures like the above. (Ryder continues to smile though. She is my favorite child at this point of the process. ha!)

So I promise “special treats” and bribe the mess out of Rory and the child could care less. Rory is smarter than me sometimes.

But in the end I got one cute-ish picture.

Rory insisted I take pictures of the babies and Ryder. She was so ticked off about this whole ordeal that she had a permanent scowl until I stopped trying to get her in the picture.

I want you to know that Rory took the following picture. Like for real, she took it by herself.

I wish I could go back to the day that Rory loved having her picture taken.

But since I can’t, I will just take Ryder’s picture as much as possible until she outgrows her love for the camera too.

Oh that precious smile.

So say a little prayer that we get things figured out with Ryder so she’ll start eating well again.

Happy Thursday!

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12 thoughts on “behavioral problem

  1. Could it be that Rory was not happy about being dressed like her little “baby” sister? That might explain why she wanted to put baby dolls beside her baby sister and take a picture of them. She’s convinced she is not a baby anymore! Haha!

    And the doctor….well, listen to your gut instinct!

  2. All I can say is when some Drs. don’t have an answer they make one up. Maybe a gastro. dr. might have some answers. The pictures are so cute even when Rory’s not co operating!

  3. Is she on any medicine for the reflux? And I agree about seeing a gastro dr. if you’re not getting answers you’d like from your doctor. I’m sorry Ryder’s struggling with eating again; I know how hard that must be for you. Praying that she starts eating better SOON.

  4. Well, sorry but I can’t keep my mouth shut! A dr once told me Margo was just spoiled when she cried so hard but her bottom was so raw she couldn’t sit. It didn’t occur to him that she might be having some problem sleeping because she was hurting. He did give me good advice on giving her diluted cranberry juice. Anyway! I think I’ve told you before: “God made Mothers before he made drs.” and find a new Peditrician.
    Your grandmother once told Margo to “THROW AWAY THAT BOOK!” It’s almost the same thing. Try the lactose free, if that doesn’t work try soy. Love you baby girl and I know you will find the right answer for Ryder. YOU ARE NOT DUMB!!!!!!

  5. ha ha ha. Why don’t you see if that doc wants to feed her 8 times a day and see if he changes his mind. behavioral. that is just plain ignorant. Yes, I’d say at maybe 1 or 2 years old, but 4 months?

    You know our story, switched to soy and now we are on Zantac and Prevacid. No screaming, BUT still not desire to eat more than smidges at a time.

    I think maybe the “heart” doctors need to do some more studies on our babies and “after” surgery problems.

    Praying for patience and an answer!!

  6. AND we are scheduled to see a gastric doctor in 2 weeks. Thats the earliest they could get us in. Our pediatrician thinks we might be “missing” something with Ruby since she really doesn’t eat well. Hopefully we’ll get answers.

  7. Poor Ryder! I hope you figure it out soon. A friend’s baby had really bad reflux and she took him to the chiropractor and it was better in only 1 or 2 sessions. I’m not usually a big advocate for chiropractors but it really worked for her.

    Those pictures are HILARIOUS. But I know what you’re going through – Will is always either crying, pouting, or he looks like a maniac.

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