before the world ends.

So, I figured I’d do one more blog post before I fall off
the radar for a week starting tomorrow. Or, before the world ends.
Let us discuss this for a minute, by the way. I’m going to be on a
big ship the day the Mayans say the world is ending. I can’t decide
if this is the absolute smartest or dumbest idea ever. Guess we
will see. Ha! Let’s start at the beginning of the trip. We were
supposed to leave for Nashville by 3:30 yesterday but ended up
leaving wayyy past that because of crazy mill happenings. Well,
Rory didn’t sleep well for nap at school so she slept pretty much
the entire way… and believe me, I tried and tried to wake that
chick up. We get to hotel and of course, both girls are BUCK WILD.
They go to bed at a crazy hour and then they did not sleep. Like,
DID NOT SLEEP. I never went to bed. I might have dozed off for 5
minutes on two separate occasions but that is seriously it. I
pulled an all-nighter with the kids. Yes, Andy was there too but he
slept great. And snored amazing too. Andy is awesome at a lot of
things but one thing he is AWESOME at is snoring. Ask me how I feel
about this on a day when I actually got an hour or so of sleep.
Today is not that day. Anyways. That was obviously loads of fun. So
I’m pretty freaked out about how two non-sleepers would do on the
flight. But I have news! They were SO GOOD. Seriously. They sat so
still and didn’t complain about being trapped. They played
peek-a-boo with some fans of theirs sitting behind them. Rory held
a concert and dance party at one point. Ryder read Sky
for literally almost an hour. They LOVED the
peanuts and pretzels. They completely charmed the flight attendants
and one pilot. Of course, it wouldn’t be my children without some
embarrassing moments… Take, for example, Rory’s
need to lick the seat, window, etc on the
plane. And then she almost licked the guy in front of us and he
totally knew it. Ha! Mortified. But then she decided to announce
about 3 different times that she had passed the gas. “I tooted! You
heared that, Mommy?” … “Oops! I did it again! I tooted again! I
so silly!” I immediately got in Pinterest and pinned 2146984 links
to teach me how to teach etiquette and manners. HA! It has been a
pretty fun day, not as stressful or terrible as I imagined. So
here’s to hoping the rest if the trip isn’t as bad as I envision!
I’m typing this on the iPad and my finger is very tired so I shall
go now. See y’all in a week! PS – here are random pictures from
today. PSS- I don’t know why this is in such a weird format. Blame the iPad. And lack of sleep. Goodnight.







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