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because why not?: Smart Phone and Pedicure Edition

Well. It happened. The Virus hit our house last weekend.

Now I won’t go over all the details because who wants to hear about all that?!

But I will tell you that I texted the word “sharted” so much over two days (because there HAS to be humor somehow in The Virus, right?!) that my phone started automatically putting the word in. And in all caps.

For example.

I was trying to text my friend, Katie, and I typed ‘sh’ and then I looked down and the sentence randomly said SHARTED in the middle of it.

I have no idea why this happened but I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Four times in one day I was trying to text words like ‘she’ or ‘shut up’ or ‘shenanigans’ and it automatically typed in SHARTED before I could put a third letter behind the ‘sh’.


My phone automatically assumes I’m going to type shart…. BECAUSE, WHY NOT?! My smart phone thinks it is just SO SMART. Actually I bet Suri put my phone up to this mess.

Now. Shall we talk about the pedicure?

So I’m busy this week finishing up plans and getting myself purty for my ten year HS reunion that is this weekend.

I decided a couple of things were mandatory. WAXING OF THE MAN-BROWS and a mani/pedi.

I went to our local walk-in type nail salon and picked out THE PRETTIEST COLOR called Russian Navy Suede. It was delightful.


And somehow (because why not?!) my toes look like this…


Now I don’t know if you can tell from the above pictures but… THAT COLOR ON MY TOES MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT MATCH THE COLOR I PICKED OUT.

I was so busy on the phone doing stuff for the reunion and what-not that I didn’t think to make sure she wasn’t putting the color I picked out on my toes.

So she gets done and said, “Ok, you’re ready to go!” and I look down and am all, “WAIT WHAT?! THAT IS NOT RUSSIAN NAVY!” but I don’t want to be rude so I just tell her it is okay.

Side note: Girlfriend NEVER apologized, she just kept telling me how elegant the color she put on was.

And while it is fine…. it isn’t my color! Also, it really isn’t a color I’d ever pick out.

But really, would it be my life without this craziness?!

So there you have it folks. BECAUSE WHY NOT?!: The Virus and Pedicure Edition

I want to leave you with this picture in honor of our reunion this weekend. We were such babies. And Andy’s note in my sophomore yearbook CRACKS ME UP, people.


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