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beautiful day

I have always LOVED winter and the cold. I love the clothes and accessories and the coats. And I LOVE snow.

Well. Then I had a kid. Winter is such a drag now that I have a baby. All the clothes I have to put on her and trying to keep socks on the kid who HATES socks. Then trying to carry her with both of us wearing big thick jackets. Its just not fun anymore.

Today is a much needed warm day for our house. We’ve all been sick at least once. I’ve missed three Thursdays at work now because Wednesday seems to be dooms day around here. And this Wednesday night I woke up with pink eye. Sigh.

Anyways! Back to the happy! Rory is full out walking now so I decided since it was 70!!!!!!!! degrees outside, we’d go play! And boy did we ever. Rory absolutely loved every single second that we were outside. We slid down the slide, swang, and played with the pups. It was just perfect.

(and of course I got a few pictures… well a lot. you were warned.)

Rory is asking if I want a bite. I am saying “no no Rory don’t eat it”.

You can tell how well she listens to me. (You can also tell that I was running towards her saying no. That is why there is a huge glare.)

She kept signing (her version) ‘more’ after every time down the slide. It was so cute!

First little dirty booty.

And now she notices the dogs. This was a game changer in our play time. She became determined and obsessed with getting that stick.

she got it!

pure joy

Have a great weekend!

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