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bathroom makeover!

Well I finally, finally, finally can say we are 99.9% done with our bathroom! Its been a LONG tedious makeover, but we love the results! There are a couple of little things we’d like to do, but overall its done!

Let me refresh your memory of our master bathroom before:

We are selling all of the old fixtures and decor in our yard sale this weekend, so here is the only picture I have of all the gold hideousness that was in our bathroom.

And now! Our newly updated bathroom!!!

So what did we do?

  • stripped two-four layers of wallpaper/border (border = the four layers)
  • painted the walls and added a border wall covering thats really pretty and textured (because we couldn’t get all of the former border off. it was an awful experience.)
  • updated all the light fixtures
  • switched out all the knobs
  • put in a new shower door
  • updated the towel holders

I’m so glad its all over so that we can enjoy our bathroom again! We lived in a mess for so long, and now its just lovely and clean!

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7 thoughts on “bathroom makeover!

  1. oh this is lovely tiffany! we just got done re-doing our bathroom as well- what a nightmare! i’m so glad it’s over. but the results are so worth it!! your bathroom looks great!

  2. I CAN NOT WAIT until I can do a “remodeled bathroom” post!! Yours looks great! We are hoping to do ours this fall…. I already and loving/hating the idea. It’s being torn down to the studs!!

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