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banana hatin’

I hate bananas. HATE. Despise. HATE. Gag. I don’t remember ever liking them.

But since I am SUCH a good mother, I decided that I should give bananas to Rory. Even if I gagged just thinking about feeding them to her. Even if I gagged soooo badly when I opened up the jar. I sacrificed my well being for the sake of my child. (helloooo dramatic!)

I decided that I shouldn’t hate, I should participate. No hatin’, just appreciatin’. You get the picture?!

Her reaction to the bananas????

I didn’t catch it accurately on camera, but it was a full body gag. I mean her shoulders went up, her neck poked out, and she opened her mouth while making an awful noise. She HATED it. I gave it to her several times and she gagged everytime.

Am I a bad mother for secretly being glad she doesn’t just love them????

So I cleaned her up from those awful bananas and she was happy.

Have I told y’all that her new favorite thing is to blow bubbles and spit with her tongue??

Its especially wonderful with food in her mouth!

So Rory’s old bedroom had this beautiful window:

As soon as we saw this house and fell in love, we knew her bedroom would be in this room. It was a princess room, afterall.

Except that it is so bright in her room in the mornings. The sun rises on that side of the house and it GLOWS in there. So Rory woke up EARLY.

And so we decided to switch bedrooms because she was sleeping in when she wasn’t in her bedroom. (Sleeping in = 7 am instead of 5:30) We actually like her room even better now! All the stuff fits in there better because its smaller and the scale works better with her decorations.

Now I’m sure you all are wondering what in the world a snowboard is doing up in her room… (as was I).

I actually won the snowboard (which is so ironic because fact is, I am the worst snowboarder ever and I hate it so much). And since Andy is amazing at snowboarding he decided we should keep it for Rory. I thought that meant putting it in the shed or in the attic. Apparently not. But I will leave it because I think its so cute that he thought it out enough to put it on display.

And here are a couple of pictures just because she’s cute. I love these little shorts/tshirts sets.

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6 thoughts on “banana hatin’

  1. I love the new room. I think it was a good decision. It will be easier to keep cool for her as well. I think, or is that the west side. Any I guess that means when we come back we will be the ones waking up at 5am. ha

  2. Her new room is precious! Gosh it looks bigger than it did as a guest room. I just love the “bubbles” picture. She is just so precious.

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