Rory Eve


I have seen tiny little backpacks a couple of times and just loved the thought of Rory wearing one, but never purchased one. Usually they are just too expensive for me to want to buy if I wasn’t 100% Rory would wear it.

Well this weekend Andy and I saw this uber cheap backpack at WalMart and I just couldn’t resist! I bought some iron on letters to make it not so plain and I think its just adorable!


She’s so proud to wear it. I have put it on her twice- once to wear to school and once last night when everyone was here for Bible study. Both times she just showed it off to everyone and wore it until I took it off. That child is not a ham or anything! ha!

I took a couple of pictures yesterday on my phone when she was walking into school. Sorry they are blurry!

This morning I took some before we had to run some errands.

Girlfriend just loves to go these days! I will say, “hey are you ready to go?”, and she will run as fast as she can to the door. Its so funny!

She also has a new word that I am just loving…

When we get in the car to go to church or school which is at the church, I will say “want to go to church?”, and she starts giggling and saying “church! church!”. It is so cute and it makes me so extremely happy. She absolutely LOVES to go to church. Is there anything better than that?!


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