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Well today is my first day alone with both girls. I was nervous at first, but we have had a wonderful day.

I can’t tell you how invaluable my parents’ help was while we were at the hospital and coming home. Rory had such a wonderful time with them and is still asking for them constantly. I was so worried about how she was handling being away from me and then I realized that she was having the time of her life getting spoiled by all the grandparents!

She became such a Papa’s girl while he was here. She would wake up every morning saying “Papa! Coffee!” and still is waking up saying that. On Saturday night after they left she woke up at 2 wanting her Papa and it was so sad to see her realize he wasn’t there. It was a long night for all of us!

Her favorite thing about the grandparents being here was playing outside. She had such a blast in the cooler weather. When my dad came back on Thursday they played and played outside.

And she LOVES swinging on her belly now that she learned how!

And she’s a speed demon down the slide!

As far as today goes- its been going really well!

I mean, of course, Rory is her usual stinker self…

Man, my life was so dull before Rory. HA!

And as for stinker #2, Ryder…

Don’t let that little smile fool ya! She has become awfully demanding with her new heart and all. When she wants to eat she means NOW. There is no warning or prep time. Its getting more and more clear that I will have two stinkers on my hands. Please pray for me.

And on a serious note- Please, please pray for my friends Emily and William. Their father, Rhea Dabney (who by the way is the sweetest man on earth), has terminal cancer and isn’t expected to live much longer. My heart is breaking for this family.

Also, sweet little Ruby Harris has been scheduled for a surgery much like Ryder’s to fix her heart. Hannah, her mom, and I “met” over the internet and I’ve been following their struggle of eatings, infections, etc. Please pray that Ruby gets to have her surgery soon and that the whole family gets well soon!

Thanks, friends!


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4 thoughts on “back to the usual

  1. Oh my precious girls, and boy. I miss you. So glad things are better for Ryder and life is going to be “normal” again for you. Sorry they are spoiled! (Ok so I lied, I am not sorry. I loved every minute of the spoiling!!!

  2. Grandparent detox is the hardest! (For the kids AND the parents!) I think Karis and I (at the least) need to plan a trip so we can have a playdate! 🙂

  3. Rory is such alittle heart melter!! She is so like you with her little expressions. Can you imagine how many times Patrick would put her in a chair and say NO. So funny. Ryder has that little OK get ready look. Sweet little girls!!!

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