Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

Baby Watch 2010

Well we’re on “baby watch” now… every appointment the doctor is surprised I haven’t gone into labor, yada yada. I’m just ready to get this labor thing over with! ha!  I had a whole list of “to-dos” before she made her appearance and they are all officially done as of this past Tuesday. Of course, up until Tuesday I was having major contractions and now that its all done they have faded. OF COURSE! 🙂 I still have two weeks left, but I’ve been showing signs of labor since the first week of January so it seems like its past time already. Can’t wait to share pictures of little Rory very soon (hopefully!)!! Any and all suggestions to help bring on labor are appreciated!

In other news, we are in our house!!!!!! Woohoo! I would post pictures, but its all still a bit of a mess and my camera is in the hospital bag for now. We are down to our last couple of boxes and finally getting things organized. The kitchen and Rory’s room are 100% done, the rest about 90% done. I was using my sister’s crib but we needed a dresser/changing table. So we ended up ordering a whole set from WM and hopefully it’ll come in soon so we can set it up! Here’s a picture of the set we picked out (sorry its so small)-

We have A LOT of wallpaper that needs to be taken care of so until we can tackle that project our decorations will be in a closet since it doesn’t match at all. We have picked out all the colors and are excited about projects to do later this spring. Even with all the horrid wallpaper, I absolutely adore our house. I will share pictures as soon as I can!


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