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Baby Harris #2 Poll

My creative and very pregnant friend, Amber, made a poll right before finding out she was having her second boy this year and I thought it was so cute! So once again I stole an idea from her and created a poll for Baby Harris #2!

So to the right you should see the poll- it says “Is Baby Harris #2 a BOY or a GIRL?”. You can click to vote underneath!

I personally think BH#2 is a girl, but Andy refuses to believe he’s going to be surrounded by hormonal women. HA!

Can’t wait to see what you think! Get to voting! (and PS, you can leave a comment telling me what your vote was- that would make me very happy! ha!)

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8 thoughts on “Baby Harris #2 Poll

  1. I’d have to vote for both too! I can see Andy with a little boy but then I can see him with a house full of girls too. A little boy or girl with fit perfectly in your family.

  2. I love that I’m described as “very pregnant.” Funny, but oh so true 🙂 I voted boy for Andy’s sake! But it’s great when they’re the same gender because you already have everything.

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