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babies. yes, plural.

And again I say, “is it really Monday again already?!”. Weekends just go by way too fast for me! They do for Rory too.

they adore eachother

Remember how I told you all we were going to have a “staycation”??? Well that didn’t really work out. Andy, I REPEAT, Andy decided he wanted to go shopping in Sherman on Saturday. I tried to protest, but it didn’t work (thats my story and I’m sticking to it!). Andy dressed Rory (he does most Saturdays) and she looked so cute!

Those tennis shoes! That booty! She’s just so cute, if I do say so myself!

Rory held on to her toy all day, even during naps. Target wore her out.

After church yesterday we did come home, change into our pajamas, and did nothing all day. It was so nice. One day soon we are going to do that the entire weekend… maybe. Then we decided to try out some pictures for Rory’s six month post coming this Friday! Well. I got a really cute video of it, but pictures? Not so much. Here’s the best picture I got.

Rory obviously needs to have a “talking to” about modesty! ha! She’s at this point where everything around her is so much more fun and interesting and she just does not care to sit and smile for the camera. This is obviously frustrating for me. Sigh.

The only other happening around here this weekend was Andy’s doctor appointment on Friday. He had to go have a mole removed and let me tell you, he got butchered! He thought he only got three or four stitches and was doing all kinds of stuff around the house Friday afternoon, then I noticed blood all down his back. Come to find out, no, he has about 14 stitches and its bothering him so bad.

Bless his heart, but can we not all agree that men are the BIGGEST babies EVER when they are uncomfortable in any way?!!!! I said to him at one point, “honey, I just got done pushing a baby out, my sympathy level is REAL low”. But seriously. I did just have a baby… yes its been six months, but with all my problems with it, its going to take quite some time to forget! Not to mention the gallbladder thing which is about 302932 times worse than labor. No joke. Don’t worry, I babied him all weekend and changed his bandage, etc, but I told him that 3 days of it was about all I could do at this point in my life. HA! Lets also agree that I’m the WORST wife in the world. When it comes to this, I’m okay with it right now. ha!

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4 thoughts on “babies. yes, plural.

  1. Ok when you say “babies, yes plural” are we talking about Andy or is there another bun in that oven? The pic of Rory and Andrew is so sweet!!!

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