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I have been gone from the internet world (more on that in another post) for two weeks and I now feel like I have SO MUCH to catch you up on. Let’s dive right in, okay?

First, I feel like I should update you on the state of my hair after Dave made it skanky two weeks ago.

After I posted that skank hair photo I had several people screen shot it and use it against me and HELLO I WILL GET YOU BACK BECAUSE I AM THE QUEEN OF PAYBACKS. Just needed to put that out there.

I am sad to say that it got worse before it got better because I dyed it darker and then it faded to a weird green/grey color that doesn’t look good on anyone. So I booked myself an appointment at a salon (got a groupon which is sorta Dave friendly) and finally fixed my hair.


Thursday night we headed towards West TN.

And let me just say…. I’m continuing to be completely blown away by the amount of use we get out of the potty in the car.

IMG_3499Friday I spent some of the day with my coworkers at my old job in Savannah. We laughed until we cried/about peed our pants and oh, it was so good to my soul. The people I worked with are some of my favorite people on earth and I miss them every single day. After my time at the office, I dropped by two of my friends’ place of work to say hi and surprise them. I wasn’t there long at either but just wanted to say hi to Jennifer and congrats to Haley who is expecting her second baby!


IMG_3511 IMG_3514

As we were on our way towards Andy’s parents we got word that Ashley (Andy’s sister) had her babies.

Unfortunately, Ashley has had a very hard time and the entire experience was extremely traumatic. It isn’t my story to tell, so I won’t give details here, but please be praying for her- this is the hardest thing she has ever been through and it continues to be hard.

I will say that I am just so proud of her and of her husband Drew who has taken such great care of Ashley during all of this.

The babies were born at 33 weeks, but are doing well. As with all preemies, there are always hurdles and obstacles but we are confident that God is going to work miracles in their lives as he has already done! Please continue to pray for them and that the girls and Ashley continue to heal and recover and can be reunited at home soon.

Andy and I got to see these precious girls Saturday morning and I tried so hard to hold it together but cried the entire time because I CAN’T HELP IT. We have already prayed so hard for these babies and for their lives before they were even conceived and continue to do so as they are in NICU getting stronger before they go home.

Zoe Nicole – 4lbs 12oz



Emma Nicole – 4 lbs 5 oz



After we left the hospital, Andy and I both cried in the car together. Seeing them hooked up in that little bed was so hard and seeing Ashley in rough shape was even harder. It brought back a flood of hard memories for us and our ordeal with Ryder. It also made us so thankful, once again, that miracles still happen and medicine has advanced so much to where we know these girls will be running around with our girls in no time.

Saturday night Andy and I got all dressed up and went to our friends Will and Catherine’s wedding.

IMG_3596It was so beautiful and sweet. Will graduated with Andy and I and it was so great to see him get married and how happy he was. We hope they have a lifetime of happiness and fun together. I think Catherine is a perfect fit for him and I just like her so much!

As a bonus, I got to see so many friends and teachers from our hometown and it was such a nice treat. My friend, Lauren, was the photographer and I can’t wait to see the pictures because I know they will be amazing.



Unfortunately, we got STUCK. As in the minivan. In the mud. At the wedding. It was AN ORDEAL. But it brought me full circle thinking of how Will, Will Sipes, Kyle, me, Josh, and I think a few other people crammed into my truck in HS at a basketball game and drove to a nearby field and went mudding. Because we were morons. And also because we were so much fun. It was one of those moments you just had to laugh your head off and think of how far you’ve come…. and how minivans and trucks are two totally different things.

Also, several people drove by and were all “OF COURSE IT IS YOU WHO IS STUCK IN THE MUD TIFFANY. THIS ONLY HAPPENS TO YOU.” We laughed until we cried over the whole ordeal.

IMG_3570 IMG_3581 IMG_3585


Now I would like to tell you a funny story about Ryder and her school shenanigans.

And when I say “funny” I mean LORD, HAVE MERCY.

Ryder’s class played the game where you sit in a circle and the teacher says a sentence and then you whisper it around the circle until the last person. Then the last person says what they heard and you see whether or not anyone told a lie or messed it up.

These kids are 3 so I’m not sure why they tried it.

The teacher says, “God loves you and so do I.”

That was the statement. Isn’t it precious?!


It gets to the last person and the little boy hesitated before he said what he heard… finally he said it-


The teachers eyes are wide and half the group start giggling…. but one little girl in particular was LAID OUT ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING.

You guessed it. Ryder.

Apparently she heard, “God loves you and so do I,” but decided to whisper in her neighbor’s ear, “butt.”

Because, why not?!

Lord, have mercy. Seriously. HAVE MERCY. Why, WHY, WHYYYY?! I have no words. NO WORDS. I wish I would’ve been shocked by this story. But of course I’m not.


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  1. Boy, I do love reading your blog posts. Hearing about what your kids have been up to makes me laugh out loud. In fact, I think your posts are the only ones I ever read out loud to my husband. I hate to admit it, but just as I was about to read him Ryder’s ‘butt’ story, I reminded him that you were ‘that blogger – the one whose daughter did a poo in the sandbox…’
    Your new nieces are beautiful – hope your sister-in-law recovers quickly, and they are all home together very soon.

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