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attempting to be crafty

Here’s the deal. I’m EXTREMELY creative… too creative probably. The problem is I dream up all these things and have the hardest time executing them. And the reason is I am so OCD that I am crippled by making it exactly perfect.

I want SO BADLY to be able to sew. I try it once a month. I never get to the actual sewing part because the measuring it to an exact size over and over and over, and then pinning it exactly literally makes me break out into hives and walk away. What is my problem!?!!!??!!! Its terrible. So I have a new sewing machine that has barely been used. Sigh.

The latest effort to be crafty is making hair bows so we don’t go broke buying them. I bought tons of ribbon and all the supplies. And then I tried to do it. Oh. My. Gosh. Its a nightmare. I can’t even talk about it right now because I’m so mad.

BUT! I did make her a bow holder today and it is, if I do say so myself!, so cute! Here’s the ONE successful craft project I’ve had lately.

I’m seriously considering going to get medicine. Why can’t I be like my mom, aunts, sisters, friends and be able to actually DO the things I dream up?! I’m very depressed about this.

Ok enough with that. Here’s your cute picture of Rory for today. I know thats why you actually read my blog.

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4 thoughts on “attempting to be crafty

  1. You’re ribbon holder looks great! Keep at the sewing-it will come. It takes my mom fifteen minutes to hem pants it still takes me two hours. Love the pics.

  2. It is great. Are you kidding me. Nothing absolutely nothing I do is perfect. But who cares, it the enjoyment of the craft. Put Rory in a mothers day out and take sewing lessons.

  3. Look at that big girl sitting up so good! How about you just give me all your crafty ideas and I’ll do them for you! 🙂

  4. oh my gosh…sewing is the bane of my existence. i always want to try a project but the cutting and measuring is absolutely MADDENING! everything has to be perfect and i just don’t do anything perfectly. i have found out through trial and error that you really do need one of those super sharp rotary blades instead of scissors, and one of those insanely huge cutting boards that will cover the whole table plus one of those clear measuring boards to lay over your fabric (sometimes they are packaged with the rotary blade). i actually finished a rag quilt today…absolute nightmare. but it turned out better than i thought it would, so i might take another stab at it and modify it a bit. i’m going to do a huge sewing post soon…it makes me crazy so it should be a fun blog topic from a non-sewer.

    i love your bow holder!! oh, i need a GIRL so i can have bows for her hair!!! isaiah wouldn’t really appreciate bows.
    rory just keeps getting CUTER AND CUTER! she really is a pretty baby. her skin tone is so pretty and i love her big eyes. she’s a real combination of you both. 🙂

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