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at least I didn’t say a dirty word

Thought I’d drop in to the ol’ blog to tell everyone about our fabulous day and night.

We spent the day at my parents’ house which is always wonderful. The girls had such a fun day!


Well, we headed back just in time to load back in the car and go to our church for their movie night! They showed UP! on a big screen outside and the weather was cool and glorious.

Basically, the perfect, relaxed night.

Then Rory had to potty. And there were no bathrooms near. So I decided to just let her pop a squat over in the corner somewhere where no one could see her.

I was so (SO) proud of myself for training her to not pee all over herself while in the pop-a-squat position. I mean, it IS a key thing to learn, people.

I take my mothering job seriously.

Then we were walking back to our seats when, BAM, I tripped and went flying head first in the air.

At least I didn’t say a dirty word in front of the church folks. This time.

I caught myself with my hand and thought, “YESSSSSS! I am so stinkin’ glad it is dark outside and no one saw that!”.

Then I look up and realized…

I had tripped over the cord to the movie.


Oh yes. These things ONLY HAPPEN TO ME.

I completely shut off the entire operation.

So, naturally, I do what I do best in these completely humiliating situations that I find myself in…

I laughed, and laughed.


I then get two texts from friends that were there saying, “only you” and “your laughter is totally giving yourself away!”. HA!

They know me so well.

Pretty sure I’m going to be forever banned from going to such functions ever again.

The end.

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