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anniversaries & growing up

I had this lovely post planned on Sunday for our 7th anniversary.

Well life happens and husbands get called into work on anniversaries and babies are devastated that their daddy had to leave…

so I did not get a chance to write on that day.

And now I’m tired because Rory refuses to sleep for some strange reason and I definitely don’t want to deprive Andy of any sleep this week (remember, its outage time again).

So here goes a version of what I wanted to write, just with no sleep and probably lots of typos and bad grammar.


My husband is amazing. He works so hard for our family and I could not be more thankful for that. But not only does he work hard at his job for us, he comes home and helps me without complaint ever.

He scoops Rory up and plays with her and gives her all the attention a little girl could ever need or want. He is the best dad. I can’t get over it.

I thought I loved him way back when…

but I really had no idea what real love meant.

I had no idea that through so so many ups and downs of life I’d want to always be with him through them. I had no idea that being parents could make me love him so much more… to see him with Rory and what an impact he has on her makes me love him so much it hurts.

I am just so overwhelmed with thankfulness that I get to spend my life with Andy. Through those great times and those awful times, I’m just so glad God has given me a best friend to share every moment with.


And in Stinker-ish news…

My baby is officially not so much of a baby anymore.

Today she got moved up into the 1-2 year old class.

Its long overdue, but still makes me sad all at the same time.

When did she get so big?

I thought she might cry when I left her, but no way. She saw the slides and tons of other things to climb on in the new room and was happy as can be. I will get some pictures on Thursday to share.

But for now, I will go take a nap before picking her up.

And I will be praying so hard that tonight will be the night she decides once again that sleep is not the enemy and that sleep is our FRIEND.

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