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And its official- finally!

Andy got an official offer today to go to Valliant, OK with his company. We will definitely miss this little house and the friends we’ve made here & I’m positive if it weren’t for pending baby I’d be having a harder time saying goodbye. We will be moving the first of January and Rory’s due date is Feb 17(ish) but my doctor insists I won’t make it that long. We shall see!!!!

Andy and I have been blessed to be able so far in our marriage to make it home for every major holiday- until this year. God’s timing is impeccable as always because it was a welcomed quiet Thanksgiving just us. We slept late, went to Cracker Barrel (no cooking or cleaning! yay!) and did some shopping. Of course we missed our family so much, but it was really nice to not have to stress and worry over packing, driving, seeing everyone, etc.

So this is late but here are some things I am SO thankful for this year:

  • God’s faithfulness to us! For a couple of weeks we had no idea whether or not Andy would have a job and He provided exactly what we needed @ the right time!
  • An amazing husband who goes out of his way to make me feel loved everyday and who provides for our family. I could not ask for more, he is so wonderful! I can’t wait to see him with Rory and being a great father to her.
  • Little Rory Eve- our little miracle! Her timing is perfect and she is well loved already. We can’t wait to hold her and watch her grow!
  • Our wonderful families. We have supportive parents, great siblings, and fantastic niece and nephews. Through this huge transition and wait game of Andy’s job we’ve seen our immediate family and extended go out of their ways to give advice, love, listen and most importantly PRAY for us during the unknown. Thank you guys for being our rocks here on earth!

Of course there is much more I am thankful for- I could write all day! I will continue to update as we know more about the move. At 30 weeks pregnant this week, we’re ready to get the ball rolling!!!

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