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alright, I’m ready.

I am officially as ready as I think I’ll be (mentally) to have this baby! I read some birth stories on The Bump today and they didn’t horrify me, surprisingly! I’m just so ready to see what/who Rory looks like (warning: my family has strong genes… I’ve been identical to my mother since birth). I wonder if she’ll look anything like my niece or nephews did or if she’ll look more like Andy’s family. I’m dying to see if she has a head full of hair or if she’s going to be bald. Either way I KNOW she’ll be perfect in every way.

On another note- Andy is loving his job. How do I know this? He has talked a lot about it. Again, this is huge. More importantly though, this is Andy’s perfect job. Here’s why: 1) he can wear jeans every single day, 2) he can wear his boots that he wears constantly, and most importantly 3) he can wear a hat. Yes, thats right, he can wear a hat every single day if he wants to. Pretty sure he’s in job heaven. 🙂

Andy has also made a friend at work. He’s a fellow engineer that he had met before coming here on some training trips. Its really cute because they are SO much alike, as all engineers are. They even set up for us to hang out this past weekend without any kind of pressure from the wives, ha! His wife is adorable and so funny. We got along wonderfully. As much as engineers are all alike, I think the women who marry them are alike as well. They are new to the area too and haven’t met anyone around here either. Anyways, we had a wonderful time together and I can’t wait to get to know them better.

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