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I’ve been trying to get creative and write a blog that doesn’t have anything to do with little Rory. Well… its near impossible. My brain is still a big ball of mush from having a baby and the only thing I’m focused on is feeding, changing diapers, cleaning bottles, etc. So for today there is no creative post about anything and certainly not a post without talking about baby. Soon I hope to be at least half way back to myself and get creative!

This weekend it was GORGEOUS outside and a warmer 60 degrees. Andy and I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take Rory out for the first time since her first doctor visit. I was a nervous wreck but many people told me it’d be fine (I think I asked EVERYONE when they took their baby out for first time, ha!) so off we went to Home Depot! (I decided Home Depot was the perfect starting point since there would be minimal amounts of people wanting to look at/touch baby- it is a “man store” after all!) Rory slept the entire time and I kept her covered up. No one even tried to get a look at her! We bought a new ceiling fan for the living room and a new light fixture for our entry way. I’ll post pictures of before/after as soon as we get them put up!

On Saturday night, we had our friends Josh and Carly over for dinner and played the Wii. It was such a fun time and I am so very thankful for new friends so quickly here. Carly came over a couple of times during the day last week and she’s keeping me from going insane inside the house! Then on Sunday night we all went out to eat and we had our first restaurant experience with Rory…. and she slept the entire time again! We timed all these outings perfectly so that she was full and happy.

Rory in her car seat ready to go to Home Depot with Mom and Dad!

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