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Adventures with The Big Bow: Day 2

So I must admit- I’m not a true southerner for a couple of reasons. #1: Rory is 11 weeks old and I just bought her a true southern big bow yesterday. #2: While I think they are cute in pictures of my friend’s babies, I’m not a huge fan. I don’t know why but I’m just not.

But all of my friends who have gorgeous little girls, including my not-so-southern friend Kristen, have all these cute pictures with their girls in big southern bows. And they really are so cute. So I found this amazing baby boutique called Paris Baby and its not your normal insanely expensive store. Well they had cheap bows with a head wrap and I gave in to The Big Bow.

(Side note: Another reason why I gave in to The Big Bow is because my friend Carly here in Texas has repeatedly told me that my baby is not a Texas baby until I get a big bow. And honestly, every where we go and see babies they have huge bows and I want my kid to fit in right?!)

So here is Rory oh-so-happy in The Big Bow. And man, she looks so darn cute in The Big Bow!

And how adorable is this outfit?!!!! My sweet friend Holly gave it to her, among a bunch of other SO cute outfits!

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6 thoughts on “Adventures with The Big Bow: Day 2

  1. She is just so cute!!!!!!! She favors Jacy doesn’t she. I can’t wait till Memorial Day. I think she knows she is CUTE!!!!!!!!!

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