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a Wednesday post

Today as I finally got both girls down for nap, I realized something…

when naps come to an end at our house, someone is going to have to seriously talk me off a ledge.

Not that I LIVE for naptime or anything…

but it really helps me hold onto whatever sanity I have left.

I see all these other moms out there and they look like they have it all together and like they enjoy every single second with their kids…

but I’ve come to the conclusion that either

a) they are lying or pretending

b) they are on strong medication

c) they drink a lot


d) they are simply better than me.

I would like to think the answer is a, b, or c but it’s probably d.

I’m okay with that though.

Let’s move on.

Yesterday I went to go pick the girls up from school (interruption: also my sanity saver but I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before) and it felt AMAZING outside.

I picked Rory up first and we had an hour or so to kill so rolled the windows down and turned some music up and danced and sang in the car. People probably stared and gawked. That’s okay.

Then we went to the local FroYo (frozen yogurt for those of you don’t speak the cool slang like me) shop and Rory was THRILLED. FroYo is pretty much her most favorite thing ever.

Then we headed over to Goody’s which was a fatal mistake on my part.

You see, when we went in, girlfriend decided to freak out because she wanted to look at purses. Then she freaked out over the necklaces. Then the sunglasses…

must I go on?

So I went to the counter to pay for a bracelet for her and the following conversation happens.

Note: it was pretty much a one-sided conversation.

Cashier: Well, hi! Is this your bracelet?

Rory: Hi! My name is Rory Eve Harris! This is my mommy, her name is Tiffy and she push me down and hit me real hard.

Me: *eyeballs popping out of my head/face bright red/looking for nearest exit*


This kid.

So after I took her to the car and contemplated actually beating the heck out of her (but laughing my head off instead), we met Andy and had a lovely dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. White cheese dip has been missed by our family since moving to Texas in a major way. Don’t worry, we have more than made up for the last two years already.

When we got home, we let the girls play outside. I’m so excited for this cooler weather so we can spend some time outside wearing the girls out playing and having fun with our girls.

Ryder loved being outside too but she HATES shoes and was so mad at us for making her wear them. So she spent the majority of the time trying to get them off. HA!

Doesn’t she look a little mean is this picture?!

Probably because she is a little meanie these days.

Okay. Who can guess what I’m going to do with the remainder of naptime?!

Hint: it isn’t cleaning or cooking and it involves a pillow and blanket.

Happy Wednesday!

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