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a Wednesday post

I’m having one of those days/weeks where my children are making me crazy because no matter what I do or they do NOTHING IS GOOD ENOUGH.

Or they are just mad at the world for reasons I’ll never understand.

Like, for example, this morning they cried/yelled/screamed for 15 minutes because they kept standing on legos and OH GUESS WHAT IT FREAKING HURTS. But alas, they must try yet again to stand on the legos.

I’m praying common sense comes with age.

Rory is once again refusing to poop in the potty.

Which isn’t making me crazy AT ALL.

Also, the flu outbreak of 2012 is insane. Schools in TN are shutting down for a week and now I’m scared out of my mind that the girls will get it. Ryder’s school has had like 15 or more cases of the flu. So far, I haven’t heard of any for Rory’s school.

So since next week we leave for vacation, I’ve decided to keep Ryder home. I’m not gonna lie, it totally makes me crazy that I don’t get my day and yet I’m still paying for it. BUT turns out, it was a DELIGHTFUL day. Seriously. Having just one was so easy. And Ryder is one of those children who just plays so well by themselves. She played with her baby dolls the entire day and I barely heard a single peep from her.

And then we went to get Rory.

Apparently Ryder realized what she was missing not being a single child.

She has fussed NON STOP at Rory since. Its been… not so delightful.

Despite all the non-delightfulness, I did manage to get a really cute video of the girls. I realized the other day that I haven’t done as well of a job videoing Ryder talking like I did Rory every few months. So I got some video of the girls talking about Santa and what they want for Christmas and some of Ryder talking. And there is a bonus hilarious (albeit gross) ending.

Okay and let’s talk about this whole Santa business.

Yes, we do Santa. We both grew up with Santa and it’s fun.

So here’s a brilliant idea for everyone- the Santa people and non-Santa people:

How about we all do what we want to do AND STOP CARING ABOUT WHO IS DOING SANTA AND WHO ISN’T!!!!! Why does it bother people that I DO Santa and why does it bother people when others DON’T do Santa?! WHO CARES!

Ok. Sorry. I’ve just heard so much judgmental crap about this whole ordeal from both sides and PS PEOPLE- BEING JUDGMENTAL IS WAY MORE ANTI-CHRISTMAS/CHRIST THAN SANTA IS!


Maybe I’m just in a mood too. I blame the moody children, not being able to send them to MDO that I’m still paying for, and no sleep.

Aren’t you glad you decided to read this amazing blog today???

You’re welcome.

Let’s end on a happy note.

Today should mark the end of Andy’s crazy work schedule for now. Please, Lord, let it be so because we are both so exhausted.

Also, Rory and Ryder have learned to be animals. Like they pretend the are cats or dogs. Rory licked Ryder ONE time and they both laughed so hard.

Problem is, this gave Ryder an idea, and she is now licking Rory ALL THE TIME just to make her mad. She will run up to Rory, lick her across the face/head/arm/foot/wherever and then run away as fast as she possibly can. It is hysterical. Rory doesn’t always think so, and it is a little gross, but I can’t help but crack up every time.

These two girls. They love to love each other and they love to annoy each other all at the same time. Isn’t that the definition of sisters?!

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