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a Tuesday post.

Well, folks, it was bound to happen sometime. I officially have my first bout with the “Tennessee Crud” since being back in Tennessee. I used to get it every year and haven’t had it in a while so I knew it’d happen sometime. Just would prefer it not be before Thanksgiving!

Not a whole lot has been going on in the last week, just a whole lot of being at home.

Although, with my two stinkers, being at home is never dull.

On Friday I was feeling the first wave of crud and decided to take some sinus medicine. You may not know this about me, but I’m not a good medicine taker. Even Tylenol makes me tired at times.

So I decided since the girls were playing so well together, I’d rest on the couch and take a little cat nap.

All of a sudden Rory runs in saying, “Mommy! Ryder got a shooooo weeeeee diaper! I change her diaper! See!”, and hands me a dirty diaper. I fly up off the couch in full panic mode and am looking for total disaster. But, I found nothing. Ryder had a clean diaper on, pretty much perfectly put on, and there was no evidence of the deed anywhere.

Call me crazy, but Rory is little miss genius! She changed Ryder’s diaper, using about 1000 wipes, without a trace of evidence anything ever happened.

Maybe this should be her new chore???

I never ever get on my computer during the day while the girls are awake because well, hello they get into enough trouble when I’m paying attention, but yesterday I decided to work on a project while they played together in their playroom.

We put up a “tent” in their playroom this weekend- it’s basically a huge blanket draped across part of the room and hangs down to the ground.

Well, Rory has decided it is a shower curtain. Apparently, when she stayed with my parents she went into my moms’ bathroom when she was in the shower and my mom would say, “AHHH! I’m in the shower!”, or something like that.

So, I hear Rory in there shrieking, “AHHH! RYDER! I’m in the shower! Get out!”. And then they would giggle, giggle, giggle. I would laugh every time I heard them because she sounded just like my mom and it was hilarious.

So I’m working and all of a sudden in prances little miss Ryder naked as a jay bird.


Not a stitch of clothing on.

Actually, she did have a purse.

So I’m panicking thinking there is probably a puddle of pee somewhere, when Rory runs in naked as a jaybird as well. I, naturally, say, “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!! WHERE ARE YOU CLOTHES?!”, and Rory calmly explains, “Well, mom, we were in the shower! You can’t have clothes on in the shower!”. Or in other words, “DUH MOM!”.

Fortunately, there were no puddles. But oh the weeping and gnashing of teeth when Ryder had to put her clothes back on. She hadn’t experienced such freedom so she wasn’t about to give it up without a fight.

These are the days of my life.

I thought I’d share some things the girls are saying and doing so I could remember.

Ryder is 16 months old now, the same exact age Rory was when she was born which blows my mind. Ryder is so smart, like her sister, and is really starting to pick up on talking and doing everything 16 month olds do.

She is seriously the sweetest, most precious little mess ever. She’s quieter than Rory ever was, mainly because Rory has such a huge vocabulary that blows your mind, but she is still just a spunky and stinkerish. When SHE wants to, she gives THE BEST hugs in the entire world. She will just about strangle you when she’s hugging. It is the sweetest thing.

She is THE BEST sleeper. She sleeps 8-7 pretty consistently. Some days she wakes up earlier, but she almost always sleeps all night without a peep.

But let me tell you, if girlfriend is hungry, it doesn’t matter what time it is, she is getting up and eating. Somehow she became obsessed with pop tarts and since she has eating issues I just gave them to her. We have heard numerous times, “MOMMA! DADDYYY! POP PART!”, coming from her room more times than we’d like to count. Its pretty hilarious though!

And if you can’t tell, Ryder is quite the demanding child. She walks and talks with purpose. There is no half way with this girl. If she is walking somewhere, she is going with purpose, or if she says something, she means it. She’s just so funny and such a joy.

And then there is Rory.

The most fun-loving, joyful, imaginative, and intelligent 2 year old ever.

She is really at such a fun age. Yes, she’s still doing the “terrible 2” thing a lot, but she’s starting to really grow out of that lately. She’s all of a sudden completely attached to her momma and she barely leaves my side.

She still loves to sing and dance. We have concerts and dance parties all day long.

To Rory, everything has an explanation. When you ask her a question, it is rare that you get just a simple answer. Usually, she will say to ANY question, “Wellllll you see…”, and then go into a long explanation or story, when really she just needed to say yes or no. We get so tickled about this.

Another thing she does so much is make up huge stories. This weekend she went fishing at Andy’s parents’ house and, according to her, she caught a HUGE FISH but had to throw him back. And then an alligator came and chomped that fish away!

And let me tell you, if you didn’t know it, you’d believe her because her stories are elaborate and she never strays from them. Ha!

Anytime I fix her hair she says, “Oh! Thank you, Mom! I ‘punzel now!”. She still LOVES the movie Tangled and always pretends she is Rapunzel. She loves Cinderella too.

This week she said to me, “Mommy, what’s your name? Your name Tiff-my, Mom, and Babe, right?”, and I just laughed and laughed. She still calls me “babe”, especially when she is in trouble. HA!

Rory is THE BEST big sister. She is so protective and mostly sweet to Ryder. She is always looking out for her and “helping” her do things. Ryder is so extremely independent so it makes her crazy, but Rory really has taken such a sweet big sister role. The wrestle and love on each other and HATE to be apart. I knew they’d be close, but never imagined they’d already be so inseparable and close. It is the most amazing thing to watch and see develop. Oh, how it blesses me to know they will ALWAYS have a very best friend right here at home.

Hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving week!

It is hard to believe that this time last year we were still in SUCH hard spot. Ryder was coming off of heart surgery, and was having so many stomach issues and we had no idea what was going on. She cried ALL THE TIME and Rory fed off of that and cried all the time too. It was so stressful and hard and in the midst, I didn’t know how I’d make it through.

And then here I am, a year later, having a hard time believing how far we have come. God has been so good to us. He carried us through the toughest year. He didn’t just carry us through, He blessed us with children who are just delights. Sure, they are kids who are strong willed and can make me crazy, but you’d never know the troubles we had now. They are growing and flourishing into the sweetest, most loving children.

I am so blessed and so thankful. Thankful that we went through those hard times and that now we are in a time of fun.


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