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a letter to Ryder on her 5th birthday.

My precious Ryder,


I know each letter starts the same- I simply cannot believe you are five. I know it won’t be long before I am writing you a letter on your 18th birthday and then I will surely be sobbing.

It is so true what they say- the days are long but the years are short. I remember when you were a baby and you screamed and cried all day and I thought I AM NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT. But guess what? I did and you are the most precious child of life and hardly ever cry anymore. (Thank goodness! hehe) Well, that is unless you are forced to be outside in the grass where it is touching your feet….IMG_0655

And by precious I mean that you are absolutely the sweetest, most tender hearted, loving STINKER of all time. You are the biggest aggravator I have ever known just short of your Papa. You drive all of us absolutely crazy with your aggravating ways but you also make us laugh more than anything on earth. It is your life goal to make others laugh. I love this about you. IMG_0638

Your oh-so-southern accent is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Your dad and I laugh all day every day over it. You have a flare for the dramatics and love to tell stories (a quality you most certainly got from me, ha!) and I could listen to you for hours. And I do listen for hours because, well, YOU NEVER STOP TALKING.

You are also so kind to others- even though you do have a mean streak. Whenever someone is hurt or crying you are the first to try and comfort. Yesterday you were talking about all the things you were going to buy with your birthday money and Rory got a little sad because she didn’t have any money and you whispered, “Rory, I will give you ten of my dollars so you can get something little too!” So, so sweet. IMG_0639

Even though you are so sweet, you also are not a door mat to be walked over. You are fiercely loyal and will be the first one to defend your sister or friends. You stand up for yourself which I am thankful for because I never had that courage as a child. Kids like to pick on you a little because you are so small but they quickly realize that is not going to fly with Ryder Harris.

I have also never seen a child more content than you. You can go to the store and go in the toy aisle and look at everything for hours and never ask to buy anything. You are so thankful for anything you get- I mean I could get you a stick and you would be overjoyed! ha! When you opened your presents this morning you had tears in your eyes because you were so excited. You gave me a million kisses and have thanked me over and over again. I hope you never lose your sense of contentment. It is probably your very best quality.

IMG_0635This year has been such a wonderful year. I loved having you in the afternoons all to myself. We napped, played, ran errands, and I just had the best time. I’m so glad I got that one-on-one time with you before you started Kindergarten.

Ryder, you are such a joy to me. You light up every room you walk into. You are the life of the party, the one with the best imagination, the miracle child that is so strong and brave. You face each day with joy and excitement. It is rare to find you grumpy. You always have the biggest smile on your face. Your laugh is so infectious and one of the best sounds I have ever heard. IMG_0637

Oh, Ryder. This year I have seen so many friends and acquaintances  lose their babies. Each time I remember how close I was to losing you and the thought crushes me. I cannot even imagine life without you and your joyful spirit. You are truly a miracle and blessing from God. I will never get over how thankful I am that you were healed and are here with me after 5 years.

Always remember that God is good all the time. He has proved that over and over again through your life and I’m so thankful. I love picking you up from Sunday School and hearing all about your Bible lesson. You soak in every single word with wonder and joy. I can tell you are going to be my child that doesn’t question as much because you just have faith. You believe truth and embrace it. I cannot wait for the day you accept Jesus into your heart. It is something I pray for every day.

Ryder Amelia, these five years with you (plus one more with Rory) have been the absolute best, hardest, most wonderful years of my life. You make each day more joyful and bright. There isn’t a single person like you- God made you perfectly wonderful. I am so thankful He chose me to be your mama. I have no greater joy than that.IMG_0640

I love you more than any words could ever convey. Or as you say- “I love you more than anything you say plus 100 to Jesus and back!”

Love you baby girl,



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