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a letter to Rory on her 3rd birthday

My Dearest Rory,

Words could not possibly describe my love for you, my precious girl. Tears fill my eyes just thinking about how much I adore you and how thankful I am for you. Before you, I never even realized how empty my life was… then I had you and suddenly my life was completely and utterly full.


I remember the night you were born like it was yesterday. I remember how much I longed for you and how labor was the easiest thing in the world just knowing you were about to be here. I remember the look on your daddy’s face when we first saw you and how his life was finally full as well. I remember getting to hold you for the first time and you looked right into my eyes with such wonder and curiosity. Funny thing is, that look is still there in those beautiful eyes all the time.

You are so full of life and so fun to be around. You have this joy that exudes out of you about everything. You are almost always laughing and you are quite the little comedian yourself. I have never laughed so much in my life than when I’m with you.


You think everything is just so special- from a simple card to a bike, you think all gifts are equally of the same importance.  You love to get gifts, but I can already tell you love to GIVE gifts just as much. You will draw a little picture and bring it to me with a HUGE smile and say, “Momma, I made this special just for you!!!!!!”, and my heart melts every single time.

You are so compassionate and loving. Anytime anyone is hurt or crying you will be the first one to love on them and ask them if they are okay. If I have a headache or am tired, you will tell me to lay down and bring me “tea” and “cookies” from your kitchen to help make me feel better. If Ryder is crying (unless you caused the crying… ha!), you will love on her and kiss her boo boos and tell her, “oh baby Ryder, its okay little girl”… melts my heart. I LOVE this about you. I hope you continue to be compassionate the rest of your life.


You are such a passionate person as well. You feel everything with 100% of you. Whether it is joy or anger, you always feel it with all of you. You have such strong emotions already and I love that you aren’t afraid to show them.

You are such a thinker. I have never seen anything like it in a child before you. I will watch you get real still for a minute and you will sit there and think and plan out your next move. You want to know everything there is to know about everything that crosses your path. Sometimes I get flustered because you are always taking things apart and making messes, but then I realize that you are just wanting to know how things work. I can’t even fathom your brain and you are just 3! You are smart well beyond what you “should” be at three, that is for sure. All of this you get from your Daddy, there is no doubt about it.


You have always been so beautiful too. I want you to always remember that beauty truly comes from within, but I also want you to know that I think you are gorgeous. I love your naturally tan skin and how soft it is. I love your wild hair (one of the few things you got from your momma!) and how it always wants to do its own thing. I love how petite you are, but even so you are fiercely strong. I love your sweet round face and your sweet little lips and perfect teeth that show your megawatt smile. And oh how I love those big brown eyes- those eyes that take in the world with such wonder and amazement.

The thing I want you to know most, my sweet Rory girl, is that your potential is LIMITLESS. You are smart, compassionate, beautiful, kind, joyful, and full of life. I am so deeply proud to be your mother. I couldn’t have ask for a more precious gift than you. It is overwhelming to think how amazingly blessed I am that God chose ME to be YOUR mother. I will be eternally thankful that God placed you here with me and your dad.


You have brought so much joy, laughter, and love into our home. No matter what we have gone through, at the end of the day we can ALWAYS laugh and talk about how wonderful you are.

My prayer for you is that your wonder and curiosity never cease, but instead grow and flourish to become something amazing. Whether that be a doctor, a teacher, a missionary- I could care less as long as you are passionate about what you do.


I also pray, every day, that your incredible strong-willed spirit never be crushed. You are SO strong-willed, and while that can sometimes make me crazy at this age, I want that to remain in you forever. I want you to always want to be YOU and to always put up a fight for things that are right. I pray that NO ONE- no school teacher and most of all not myself- crush that spirit. It is who you are, Rory, and it is something you should cherish because I certainly do. Strong-willed does not have to be a bad thing at all, it can be the best gift in the world.

I love you more than you could ever know, my precious Rory. I am so proud of you. Most of all, I am so blessed to be your mother.



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2 thoughts on “a letter to Rory on her 3rd birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Rory, I agree with Marlyce your momma did said it perfectly. I am blessed to be your MiMi and your mother’s mom and dad’s favorite mother in law.

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