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A is for Apple

As I told you the other day, Rory and I have been having craft time every day this week! She loves it and takes it so seriously. And I love that time with just me and her.

On Wednesday, Rory made an apple! We talked about the letter “A” and sounded it out. She thought this was super fun!

She wanted to demonstrate to you how to make an apple like she did!

First, you color the paper to make it extra special.

Realize that your child will never grow out of the “eat the crayon” stage and immediately put in a paci. (If you look real close you will see that the black crayon is missing a large chunk.)

Then you spread glue EVERYWHERE (including your face, hands, mommy’s face, table, etc) with the glue stick. (This was Rory’s favorite part!)

Then you stick down your shapes from the construction paper and pat them down.

After that, you get some REAL glue to ensure the pipe cleaners will stick.

And check about 38 times to make sure its non-toxic.

Just in case…

Ask your child to show her/his excitement over craft time.

And then ask yourself why you even try to get a good smiling picture…

After you glue the stem and leaf on (sorry forgot to get a pic) you hold your work up and show it off!

Ryder had fun just chilling out while we crafted.

Have a great holiday weekend, y’all!

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