Rory Eve, Ryder Amelia

a Friday post about halloween and singing and tackiness.

Every single week I try and try to write my blogs at night and have them ready to post.

And every single night of every single week I take my laptop out and then end up shutting it and going to sleep.

I just can’t hang anymore with the night owls.

Neither can Andy or Rory.1455866_10100886616670146_634664967_n[1]

So here I go again, scrabbling for a post on a Friday.

One day I will get the hang on blogging and working all at the same time.


Last week was Halloween and I can’t have a family blog without posting some pics of it. The girls were a cupcake (Rory) and an ice cream cone (Ryder).


Unfortunately, Ryder has NO IDEA what ice cream is thanks to the ol’ milk allergy, so when I put her costume on she was real confused.

She kept looking in the mirror saying, “Momma… ??? What I is?! What I issss mommaaaaa????”

Bless her little heart.

My plan for Halloween was the have this big bonfire at our house and I had invited pretty much everyone I know in Savannah.

Including random strangers at WalMart.

Well the flood came down on that frightful night and no trick or treating was to be had.

But I did have a good group of friends come to the house and we ate and laughed and had a good ol’ time together. I was so glad because since it was so rainy it would have been a total bummer of a night had we not been with friends.


Just for kicks and grins, here is a little collage of the past four Halloweens.


So precious.

I decided to be the “fun mom” and dress up too.

Meet Katy Perry and her extras from the California Gurls video – ha!


And I just want to state for the record that HALF OF THE PEOPLE at my party didn’t know who Katy Perry was.


Speaking of Katy Perry- we are so loving her new CD, but especially ROAR. My girls beg for me to put it on every time we get the car. Here’s a little video of Ryder singing it.

I think her southern twang takes it to another level.

I have no idea where she gets that from.

Now let’s discuss Rory.


One of Rory’s favorite things to do is to get up really early and dress herself for the day. I delight in this. I’m not one of those moms who says no and makes them wear exactly what I want them to…. well to an extent. I told her to make sure she had on long sleeves and long pants. That was her only criteria. Usually she dresses semi-decent to cute. Like the above photo.

She’s also in this weird phase where she feels like she HAS to wear two shirts and two pants. I have no idea what that is about.

I tried yesterday when she wore the above outfit to get a picture of the girls together. This is the best I got. Ryder was especially hateful and LOVES to aggravate. Can you tell??

photo (2)

That child.

So this morning Rory woke up (without us knowing she got into our bed at some point) and I told her to go to her room and get some clothes on. She bounces away into her room because this is her most favorite time of day.

And then she came out. SO PROUD OF HERSELF.


Now y’all. I love her creativity. I would never want to stifle that.


I just had to draw the line somewhere- and THAT OUTFIT RIGHT THERE WAS IT.

I praised her for being “so big!” and “so clever!” and “what an imagination!”……..

and then took her precious little arms and said, “honey, mommy loves you so very much but you are going to have to change some of these clothes a little bit. They just really don’t match and MOMMY LOVES YOU and I will help you pick out something that matches better!!! IT’LL BE FUN!”

*wail* *sob* *wail*

“BUT MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM I just HAVE to wear these because they are stuck and CANNOT COME OFF OF ME”.


Finally we got her into something else. It wasn’t traumatic or anything….

I’m a terrible mother for making her change, I know I know.

But y’all I just couldn’t handle the green shorts over the orange and black leggings. I JUST COULDN’T LET HER GO TO SCHOOL THAT WAY.

I mean, she already looks like a homeless person 99% of the time.

It was like tacky day all over again except NOT ON TACKY DAY.

Okay. I shall go now. I must mentally prepare myself because I have done signed myself up for a 5k tomorrow.


I’m sure there will be a hilarious “Tiffany” story to come out of this.


Have a great weekend!

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