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a Friday list.

I have some random things to say today, so I shall make a Friday List. (Doesn’t it seem more important and official when I capitalize it?)

1. People. I am so OCD. You all know this about me. But apparently in my moving/having a one and a two year old/no sleep phase of life I’ve gotten a little slack on the proofreading portion of blogging? Actually, the sad part is, I totally proof read and missed it. ME! The OCD queen of typos! If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m referring to my post on Rory this week. But don’t worry, I think I have fixed all the errors.

2. My children were sleeping so much better and then I bragged on them. Therefore, they have banded against me and have decided to make me eat my words. Ryder is sleeping like a champ still at night, but Rory… oh precious heifer Rory just won’t sleep. She’s two and a half now and has slept through the night maybe 10 times. Someone told me they had these issues but all of a sudden their kid turned 3 and started sleeping like a champ. Oh Lord, please let it be so! BUT Rory has always napped really well and I appreciate that from her very much. Ryder, on the other hand, WON’T NAP. She naps at Mother’s Day Out on a tiny cot twice a day for two hours but at home she sleeps MAYBE an hour. She’s one. I’m telling you. They’ve conspired against me.

3. I keep dreaming people are pregnant. Which is fine and dandy, but I’m dreaming that I am pregnant along with them. And that can’t happen, y’all (see #2). So if I’ve informed you of my dream that you are pregnant would you please NOT do that so I can make sure I won’t either?

4. I’ve decided to start the couch to 5k thing. I don’t even have a 5k lined up, but its something I really want to do. Y’all. I am not a runner. Even in my very best shape of my life I was not a runner. So please pray for me in this time. And pray for the people who have to witness this in my neighborhood. Perhaps I won’t be making any friends around here if they are going to be seeing me ugly cry while I run around the block. HA!

5. The church search isn’t going as well as we had hoped. Last Sunday we went to a  church and it was seriously the worst experience ever. I should do a whole blog post on it. Let’s just say when we left I literally got in a fight with the pew because it wouldn’t let me out fast enough. I have a giant bruise to prove it. But it’s on my butt so I will spare y’all and not share a picture. You’re welcome.

6. Yesterday was picture day. I tried my very hardest to get a picture of them together in their matching outfits, but y’all getting a picture of them together is about as impossible as getting a picture of Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. So now I will introduce a segment I like to call “Hilarious Outtakes From Our Photo Shoots”.

Note: Ryder is a little heifer.

Rory’s all like “What did you say to me?” and Ryder is all like “MAKE IT STOPPPPP”.

I made these into one picture the other day. Ryder is clearly channelling Popeye and Rory’s fake smile is quite lovely, no?

 So yesterday, I said the heck with it and tried to get a picture of each kid separately and then I put them together. Worked out MUCH better.

I haven’t even attempted using my real camera lately because Ryder starts yelling at the sight of it. So that’s fun!

7. Back to the church search for a minute- we are trying out a Sunday School class at the only church that has been a contender so far. I’m nervous and excited and nervous. I have zero friends here and hope it works out because I’d really like to start meeting people and gaining some mom friends.

8. It’s Friday, y’all! We have no plans, that I know of, and I am so excited about that because we have gone non-stop for about 3 months.

9. I’ve taken up the art of driving around town. I do this anytime we move to a new town, but have done it more here I think. I load the kids up in the afternoon when its almost time for Andy to be getting off and they are getting cranky. Then I turn on the DVD and run to Sonic for a large Coke sometimes and sit in blissful silence and just make my way through neighborhoods. Clearly I am an amazing parent. HA!

10. My child who does not nap is now awake after only 30 minutes. And she woke up at 5:45. So because I chose to blog I probably won’t be getting a real shower, but instead the famous mom shower. Good thing it’s not summer anymore and I can wear jeans…. which obviously is code for I have no intention of shaving my legs. Let’s not even pretend you moms don’t do the same thing. And if you really don’t, just let me keep thinking I’m not the only one.

11. Happy Weekend!


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  1. You crack me up! Feel free to email me if you get bored. I live in Middleton, Tn about 60 miles from Savannah. Actually had my last child there. Ha! I here you about not getting a shower. Mine are 5 and 7 and I am just now getting to take real baths.

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