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Today has been A DAY and I considered blogging about it during nap, but actually slept instead. Then I saw that Kelly was doing “A Day In The Life” Show Us Your Life theme and thought today would be the perfect day.

The girls didn’t sleep well last night, who knows why. The stars weren’t aligned I guess. Anyway, then those heifers woke up at 5:30 ready to go for the day.

On the days we are home they always get a bigger breakfast, and their favorite is waffles. Side note: Rory calls them “woofles” and it is HILARIOUS/cute. So I cooked waffles and they had strawberries with them. Both girls TORE IT UP.

After breakfast is when all the shenanigans start. This morning I decided to lock us all in the playroom and turn on some cartoons so I could just kinda chill on the couch since I got maybe 2 hours total of sleep last night. This planned worked wonderfully for a while, but the girls don’t like the feeling of being trapped in one space. Dangit.

So, I decided I would do some laundry since I haven’t done any this week and the clothes are PILLING UP.

It took me no less than 3 hours to fold and put away ONE LOAD of laundry.

No, I am not exaggerating. This is for real.

Why do you ask?

Well, I got a phone call from a friend which sends my children into super overdrive let’s be naughty mode. Its lovely.

While I was putting on laundry/talking on the phone for ONE MINUTE, the children decided it’d be best to ROLL DOWN THE STAIRS.

Which isn’t dangerous at all.

Since I had to hang up and call back about 12 times in order to make sure my children weren’t killing themselves, I decided it was useless to have a conversation so I sent the kids to the playroom just so I could put one last load of laundry on.


All of a sudden I hear, “Momma! Momma! Ryder pooped! Her is stinky!”. I yell back that I will be up to change her in a minute. Then I hear a lot of giggling and then yelling and then Rory comes up behind me and says, “Look, Momma! Ryder pooped and it was STINKY!”.

I turn around in horror to find that Rory had decided to take Ryder’s diaper off and bring it to me.

So helpful.

So I make my way up to the playroom and notice smears on a lot of surfaces. And then it is smeared all over Ryder and the upstairs.

Can I tell you how much I am loving my life right at this moment?

Being a stay-at-home mom is NO JOKE, y’all.

So after getting ALL THAT NASTINESS cleaned up, I decided to make our lunch just so I could contain the children in one area.

Last night I made some super awesome ChickFilA chicken nugget knock offs. Rory is anti-chicken, but Ryder had to be cut off from consuming too much food.photo copy

After lunch I told the kids to go play or read while I cleaned up the kitchen. They LOVE to go into Rory’s room and read books together. It is the sweetest thing.

I assumed this is what they were doing, but no, that would be too easy/compliant.

I saw Rory on the stairs with her hat on and thought, “what in the world are they getting into?!”, because I knew that was in a drawer of hers.

photo copy 3

Then I round the corner to Rory’s room and Ryder is standing there trying her hardest to put Rory’s clothes on. I run and grab my phone to take Rory’s cute little picture above and to catch Ryder’s mess.

When I come through the door, Ryder looks COMPLETELY SHOCKED about the mess that surrounds her and says, “Oh nooooo!!!!! A messssss!!!!!!”, like she has no idea how it happened.

I’m on to you child, I am on to you.


At this point it is 12:45 and I am one exhausted Momma.

These kids are equally busy and equally stinkerish these days. Mix that will all the no-sleep that happens at night around here, and honestly I’m not sure how I manage to stay awake during normal activities.

So, I decide it is nap time, much to the despair of my children.

I sit down with them in a chair in the living room, turn on Tinkerbell and we are all out in about .5 seconds.

I somehow shimmer Rory down into the chair while I go put Ryder in her bed, then come back and do the same with her. As soon as they are both in their beds at the same time and I am in my quiet, peaceful bedroom, I do a happy dance and the “cha-ching” move with my arm about 100 times.

Then I nap.


I seriously never ever nap when they do anymore because it is pointless. Sometimes I think about it when I don’t have a million things to get done or decide not to blog, but instead I will just watch something on Netflix instead to relax and get my mind off children for a moment.

But today, I needed that nap.

Ryder woke up from her nap first and I made some cookies, because HELLO I’M SUPER MOM OVER HERE, and snuggled her for a while. When Rory woke up we all ate a couple of cookies and I turned on the TV for them for a minute.

This is the only still moment while they were awake all day.

photo copy 2

Andy just got home and I am so glad for the weekend.

The rest of our day is just playtime and dinner. Now that Andy is home I will probably even get to take a shower! Score!

The girls will have a bath after dinner and then finally go to bed and I will say with a triumphant voice, “I SURVIVED A WEEK AT HOME!”.

Because, if you have never been a SAHM, you won’t understand and I realize most of the world thinks we do nothing but nap and hang out all day but we are SO MUCH MORE than that.

Here is my list of job duties that I can think of at the moment:

– Janitor who cleans up even the worst of messes. (See poop story above.)

– Chef who is always trying to come up with new nondairy, non peanut butter recipes for her family. And that is a CHORE.

– Housekeeper who tries to make a home that is warm and welcoming to everyone who will come in and also a place that the children will feel safe and loved in.

– Wife to an amazing, hard working husband. This is also a full time job if I’m doing it right.

– Teacher to two small firecrackers. I’m constantly teaching them things they need to know like ABCs, numbers, colors, etc but more importantly I’m always trying to teach them how to treat eachother and others with kindness and compassion. I teach them manners ALL DAY LONG to the point of exhaustion.

– Disciplinarian. Do I need to say more? Andy is gone all day so it is all me, all day, all week.

– Nurse who tends to all the bumps, bruises, cuts, fevers, tummy troubles, etc etc etc etc.

Some other things I do “on the side” are: sister, friend, daughter, church member, crafter, furniture re-doer, etc etc etc.

I wouldn’t trade being a stay-at-home mom (MOST DAYS), but it is by far THE HARDEST JOB I have ever done. And I’ve had some hard jobs in my days.

Lately I’ve just been hearing so many knocks on stay at home moms and it is making me sick, so before you think we do nothing all day, maybe you should live a day in the life.

You can always come take my job for the day! Ha!

Have a great weekend!

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