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Random Points Thursday!

Its Random Points Thursday, y’all! (I just made that up, but let’s just go with it!)

Update: I added a few! Sorry!

1. I NEED a new “theme”/look for my website/blog. It is seriously driving me INSANE. I have now decided to pay someone to design it for me because I am so OCD that all the pre-made themes make me crazy. Either its not centered right (like this current theme), the font is too small or too ugly, or SOMETHING is wrong. Its so frustrating to me. So! If you design blogs/know of anyone who does- PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you. And thank you for putting up w/ the ugliness that is my blog right now.

2. We are a little sickly in our house right now. Nothing major, just allergy/sinus crud. Even Rory is a little bit off with it. Today I woke up feeling awful and I thought “ohhh I wish I could call in sick”. ha! Yeah, this is one job you can’t just call in sick for!

3. Rory has gotten to the point where she just doesn’t want to be rocked hardly at all anymore. She snuggles just a little bit before bed at night, but thats it. So its sad because I loved rocking her. But its also really good because now I can just put her in her bed and she puts herself to sleep. Its definitely easier that way!

4. My child loves Regis and Kelly. I think she loves Regis’ voice. I’m okay with this because I, too, adore that Regis. Need proof that she loves it? (No I did not place her like that.)

4. Its hard to keep secrets and surprises when you have a blog. Just sayin’.

5. We have written our last check to the hospitals as of this week. HALLELUJAH!

6. We’ve found a church we really, really like. And we love the Sunday School class we are in. Its so refreshing to find a good network and to make new friends so quickly.

7. For some strange reason, I really want to get braces. I’ve been thinking about it all the time lately. Like obsessively. But I refuse to get the metal ones. Invisalign is the only way I’ll go. But (see #5) I don’t want to be paying for it forever.

8. Rory LOVES playing on the floor. She’s trying so hard to scoot around, sometimes with success! I got her a new toy that she can play with while on her tummy or sitting up.

9. She also loves her jumper that Mimi and Papa gave her.

10. She has also found her thumb and has been sucking on it all week. I thought I had made all the precautions to avoid this. I don’t want her to suck her thumb!!!!!

11. I just heard on the radio that there is a new form of eating disorder/OCD. Its called “selective eating disorder”. I’m pretty sure I have it. What it is is you won’t eat certain things for specific reasons, are extremely picky, or won’t eat things without certain things (i.e. won’t eat anything unless it has ketchup or whatever on it). I fall under the category of “won’t eat certain things for a specific reason”. Bananas, tomatoes, etc etc etc etc make me cringe because of the texture of them. I know you all are very concerned for my health.

12. Andy was off on Monday and tomorrow is his Friday off. Three day work week! Yesssss!

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Random Points Thursday!

  1. I think you meant to say “see #5” on number 7. I don’t think you finding a good church has anything to do with wanting to pay for braces. Just saying. 🙂 And you’re right, it’s really hard to keep secrets!

  2. I agree with Debbie- you’re a very good writer and Andy is too. Steve and I really enjoy and appreciate your blogs. (P.S. You have a very pretty smile)

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